No longer just a one year old

but instead a 13 month old. He is walking so quickly now & will only crawl if Johnnie decides to crawl after him. He is still super close to his buddy Batty. Still can only say mama & dada, but is constantly babbling other words. My little guy who was absolutely in love with me now runs around me to get to his daddy. He has been moved to the next level in his daycare where all of the other children can walk too. He gets to play outside for 2 hours each day. He loves it. He actually cries when it's time to go back inside just like Johnnie used to do. When Johnnie grabs stuff from him a little too roughly, he tries to hit him. He also loves to take sips of water & does raspberries to spit the water out, causing major giggles. He still gives open mouth kisses, loves bath time & goes to sleep chewing on his lovey (froggie blankie). He brightens our day & wakes up each & every morning to me alone or me with Johnnie singing "Good Morning to you. Good Morning to you. Good Morning dear Jojo. Good Morning to you." It makes him smile & if you could hear Johnnie it would make you smile too.


10 on Tuesday

1. It's been a busy week around here. Starting to really buckle down & get things ready for the arrival of our new baby boy.

Cleaned the infant car seat & washed the covers. Just need to put it in my car.

3. Booked the carpet cleaners & booked all my final OB appointments.

4. Making all the final appointments I need before the baby such as haircuts, eyebrow waxing, manicure & pedicure & more important stuff like that since I won't have a lot of time to it do for awhile.

5. It was rainy here last week which meant it was time to pull out the umbrellas & of course Johnnie wanted to play with it. Again Johnnie, so sorry it's pink.6. And then after explaining to him that it's bad luck to open the umbrella indoors he sat on the couch holding it for the rest of the night, not letting Joey touch it. 7. Every time Rick talks to my belly, baby J flips & rolls all the way over to whatever side he's on.

8. Johnnie has started referring to the baby in my belly as Jojo 2. I wonder how long it will take for him to realize that this new baby isn't actually another Joey.

9. On Sunday I went to Katie's baby shower who is due 3 weeks before me. Doesn't she look so cute? It was really a nice day & I wanted to share a picture of us with our two bellies together.
10. Today our work friends threw us (Katie & me) a baby shower. We went out to breakfast together & had a really great time. It's so nice to work with such great people.


Flashback Friday

There wasn't a date on the back of this photo, but I'm guessing it was around 1975 which makes a very blonde little Rick around 2 years old & his sister Krys around 6. Check out how hip parents used to dress. Now we wear jeans & sweats.


10 on Tuesday

1. I wake up with my hair looking just as it does when I go to bed, so imagine my surprise when I realized that my OWN boys need something done to their hair to look presentable (especially Joey).

2. 3. 4. Sunday afternoon it was so nice outside that we put together Johnnie's play tunnels & houses that he received as a 1st birthday gift & spent the morning enjoying the sun.

Here comes Johnnie6. My House Mama. This is what Johnnie said to me right before he closed the "door". 7. Then a second later he lifted the door open & said "Peek A Boo". 8. We are really trying to teach Joey baby sign especially the way to ask for "more" food so he can stop yelling at me when he's hungry & "all done" so he might stop throwing food on the floor when he's finished. Tonight Johnnie was saying using baby sign, "Joey do you want more yogurt" & "are you done jojo"? Very cute.

9. Me with my baby boy.10. 33 Weeks Pregnant. Me with my soon to be littlest love.


It Makes Me Feel Old When...

my little sister turns 30. That's right for all my girlfriends. Kimberly turned 30 yesterday. I remember her as this cute little girl who sometimes got on my nerves. Now she's a beautiful woman who gets on my nerves a lot less but brightens my day like she will never know. She is generous with her time, makes me laugh, is still goofy, loves her nephews like they are her children & is not only my sister but my best friend (along with Kayci of course). We celebrated her birthday last night with a group of her girlfriends & it was such a nice night. I can't wait to hear about the rest of their evening because being 33 weeks pregnant I went home after dinner when they went out to continue with the fun.


Ten on Tuesday

1. First & foremost...Happy Birthday to my dad & dear friend j.j.

2. Our big guy is now facing forward in his carseat & this makes him very happy.3. He used to cry when we put him in the seat & most of the drive home. Now he usually plays with his toys, babbles or falls asleep.

4. And Joey sleeps hard in the seat. He wakes up sweaty with disheveled hair.5. I'm already 33 weeks along in my pregnancy. It's gone really quickly since I have only known I was pregnant for 19 weeks. I will have Rick take a photo of me this weekend to post. I'm pretty big & the baby feels like he really wants out at this point since the way he pushes on me makes me pretty uncomfortable. Less than 6 weeks to go.

6. Speaking of that. My surgery is scheduled for February 23rd @ 9am. Even though I don't get to experience natural childbirth it is kind of nice to know exactly when to expect the little guy so I can make plans at home for the other boys.

7. Joey is officially a walker but occasionally he likes to crawl around & usually has this smile on his face when he does it. 8. I went for a walk last night with my sister Kayci & I can't believe how tired I get just walking for an hour even if most of it is uphill.

9. It's been so hot here. I heard on the weather channel that our lows at night have been 10 degrees warmer than the average highs that we usually have during this time of year. I hope it gets cold again. All of my maternity clothes that still fit are meant to be worn when it's a little cooler than 80 degrees.

10. Maybe it's the age or maybe it's just Johnnie but sometimes he just likes to pout for NOTHING. Maybe he doesn't like my camera in his face. He also really likes using my nursing pillow as his pillow on the couch these days.


Happy Birthday Daddy!

Well as you already read today is Rick's 36th birthday. I hope men don't mind their age being advertised. He had school today so the boys I were able to make him a cake & finish up his cards. Johnnie was really helpful making the cake & even kept saying Happy Birthday daddy while he did it. Here is the finished product. (can you spot jojo?) After singing Happy Birthday (a few times since Johnnie now loves the song) we were able to eat some. Johnnie tried the frosting & of course Joey loved his piece. After quick baths Rick opened his present & cards. Hope you had a nice birthday even if we weren't able to go out & celebrate. We LOVE you very much! We're off to have our adult birthday dinner now that we have put the kiddos to bed.


Happy New Year

1. The only New Year's resolution I made this year was to give up soda (Coca Cola) for the year.

2. Even though I only have one official resolution I do have other things I look forward to this year.

3. Like watching this little guy run for the 1st time.
4. Only being pregnant 2 months this year. (Keep your fingers crossed. )

5. Listening to Johnnie become an even better communicator.

6. Holding my new baby boy for the 1st time & everyday after that.

7. Seeing my 3 boys together for the 1st time & of course capturing the moments all on camera.

8. Rick graduating from USC with his MBA.

9. Enjoying my new family of 5.

10. Falling more in love with my husband everyday.