3rd Month

3 months old. 13 pounds. 9 ounces. 24" long. Smiling a lot now on your own & especially in reaction to other people's smiles. Laughing out loud. Not only holding your head up but lifting it up. Only crying when you're tired or hungry. Enjoying being held. Staring out the window of your stroller during walks. Sleeping for longer periods at night. Sometimes only waking up once (yay! for me) but sometimes up to 3 times (so not nice). 1st haircut. More daddy time (napping of course). Love looking at your brother. Getting so big. Up until today you have only rolled over once. During your photo shoot this morning you rolled over 3 times in a row. I'm sure it was because I was trying to take pictures of you, stinker bug. It took awhile but we got some good shots. Then I took some photos during bath time & finally got a photo of you giggling (which you do often now). Happy 3 months big guy.


Flashback Friday

Every month that Johnnie gets older makes me think fondly of days gone by. He is getting big too fast so I enjoy Fridays when I can post a photo of him as a little one especially since I wasn't blogging until recently. Hope you enjoy my walks down memory lane too. These were 2 photos of Johnnie from his 6 month photo shoot when his personality was really starting to make an appearance & has been growing ever since.


1/2 Way There

You are 1/2 way between 1 & 2. You have come a long way from that little guy who was afraid of the frosting on his 1st birthday cake. You sill don't like your hands to get overly involved in your meals but you will at least pick SOME food up & you are getting really good with a fork.Today at your check up the doctor asked me if you run & auntie Kayci & I laughed out loud. I think you are only not running when someone is holding your hand or when you are sitting. This could be why you are still so tiny weighing in at 20 lbs 9 oz.
You are learning new words everyday & I stopped writing down those words once you hit 60 because it was too hard to keep track. You have discovered how delicious fresh picked oranges are & refer to them as orange juice. You used to just ask for food but now you actually ask for particular foods like Yo-Yo, Toast, Peas, Nanas & Asparagus to name just a few. You choose the books we read to you at bedtime & when you are done with something you are done. This can be as nice as saying "no more" to things or as annoying as pushing the chewed up food you no longer want out of your mouth. You are all about the bubble bath. Your bubble soap has Elmo on the bottle so when we start your bath you point & say Elmo, Elmo, Elmo until we give in & add some bubbles. Right now we find this persistence sweet but I think we are well on our way to those terrible twos when things like your opinions are not going to be so cute.ADVENTUROUS. That's the word I would use to describe you. Climbing the ladders at the park, going down slides alone, bouncing in the bouncy house & loving the "big kid" swings.You have definitely come to realize that Joey is here to stay. You are more cuddly with your mommy & daddy than ever (not that we are complaining) but this also means you are waking up crying for us in the middle of the night more often. You love your brother & whenever I take a photo of him you want to be part of the pic too which sometimes drives me a little nuts but then I sometimes get lucky & capture moments like this. So Johnnie enjoy your 18 month birthday & of course your very OWN day of photographs.


Sunny Easter

We couldn't have asked for a nicer day to celebrate Easter. Blue skies, REALLY warm weather & an egg hunt. We spent the day in Lakewood celebrating both the holiday & a friend's 2nd birthday. Johnnie had so much fun even though he stopped after picking up only one egg. Rick had to coax him to pick a few more before he just sat down & tried to eat the candy (wrapper & all). But once we unwrapped the candy & put it in his mouth he would spit it out.Rick took this photo of the boys & me just enjoying the day. I'm usually on the other side of the camera so it's nice to get some photos of us together just being us.After a long, fun day, I finally got a picture of both boys wearing the bunny ears Johnnie made. Don't they look adorable?
And one last photo of Joey at 12 weeks old. Rick gave him his very 1st haircut this morning & doesn't he look so cute? Now his hair looks even more red in photos but I promise you it's brown. I hope your Easter was as blessed as ours!


Flashback Friday

3.21.07 You loved sitting in the bathtub every night playing & you still do. I have taken hundreds of photos of you but this is still Auntie Kayci's favorite.


10 on Tuesday- Grandparents Edition

1. Johnnie & Joey's gramma & grandpa Joe arrived this past week for a visit with the boys. It took a few hours of being shy but then Johnnie was ready to run around & show them how much fun he can be. And of course they showed both boys how much fun they are as well.

2. Taking walks
3. Playing at the park4. Johnnie can't say "gramma" or "grandpa" but he does know their names are Jackie & Joe. At one point, Jackie put Johnnie down for a nap. When he was ready to get out of his crib we could hear him yelling to get out. At first he yelled "mommy" & when I didn't come, he started yelling "Jackie! Jackie! Jackie" over & over until we came & got him out of the crib.

5. While picking oranges with his gramma, Johnnie picked flowers & gave them to me. So sweet!
6. Gramma, Daddy & Johnnie. Joey was at the beach too but asleep in his stroller. 7. Playing at the beach in the sand8. We visited the Los Angeles Zoo. After entering the park, Johnnie wanted out of the stroller to explore on foot, but within the first 15 minutes he climbed up onto a bench to rest.9. Johnnie had fun pointing out the animals... giraffe, elephant, but especially the monkeys & gorillas- this one just enjoyed laying around.9. Joey spent a lot of time being held this week & he sure seemed to enjoy it.10. We can't wait for our next visit with Gramma & Grandpa Joe. We miss you already.


Don't Forget to Wear Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Johnnie is wearing the same shirt he wore last year but it fits a little better this time. And since it's all wrinkled...it says "I'd Rather Be Lucky than Good!" Wouldn't you?11 Weeks Old Today. No closer to sleeping through the night. Actually getting up every 2 hours for feedings at night now. AARGH! But wouldn't you want to get up to see this face too?


Flashback Friday

3.15.07 Look at Johnnie going in for a kiss with Miss Kelsea Rae.Ooh... shot down! I'm sure it won't be the last time a girl won't let Johnnie kiss her.


It's not SPRING, but it sure feels like it.

It seems as though the haze of gray has lifted & the sun is here to stay. We spent the weekend enjoying the beautiful weather & just getting reacquainted with the outdoors. Our weekend started off with a walk & a play date with Miss Kelsea Rae at Veterans Park. They both enjoyed the swings, the slides & of course the sand.

Then yesterday we spent the afternoon in the backyard pushing around the lawn mower (the toy popping one of course- you know I don't do yard work) & getting soaked at the water table. As you can see Johnnie needed to cool down even more. He kind of reminds me of a marathon runner cooling off during a water break. He was so sad when I dragged him kicking & crying for more outside in to the house to dry off & eat dinner. Joey just sat in his bouncy chair happy to be only wearing a diaper & listening to his brother play.While outside I decided it was time for me to turn my camera away from my children & get a shot of a part of our tree. I used to ONLY photograph landscapes & nature, but since the arrival of Johnnie & now Joey in my life I haven't taken ONE photo of anything else until now. Both Rick & I were really happy with the photo & have decided that it will be the perfect addition to the blank wall space in our living room.It's Monday again which means Rick is back at work & Joey has aged another week already. He is becoming so much fun with each passing day & I swear he is planning something in that little 10 week old head of his. I leave you with this photo & promise to have more this week as we enjoy the boys' gramma & grandpa Joe's visit starting tomorrow.


Flashback Friday

3.7.07 Johnnie at 23 weeks old doing tummy time.


March Madness

1. Not the basketball March Madness you are familiar with, but rather the madness that I can't believe it's already March. I made this comment to Rick last night & he commented back, "I can't believe it's already 2008." Can You?

2. I officially go back to work in 4 weeks. It's gone so quickly. I miss my friends at work but can't believe I won't be spending my whole day listening to Joey make funny noises while he sleeps, cry when he's tired or ooh when he's happy. He is still a little newborn to me even though he already has a signature look. His scrunch face.
3. This morning for the first time, Johnnie looked at the letter Y he worked on in daycare yesterday & said "Y" without any prompting from us. YAY! He's learning to recognize letters.

4. Johnnie is fascinated by our cell phones. He is constantly picking them up, holding them to his ear & talking in to them. The unfortunate thing is that it's usually my phone with its pink cover. Poor thing.
5. I'm using some part of Joey's nap times to try & get all my scrapbooking projects finished. I'm really new to the scrapping world but really enjoy it. I started when I was pregnant with Johnnie & have been doing it ever since. When I'm working I don't have a lot of time to work on it so my goal is to document as much as I can in our lives with at least one project a month. 6 projects to go & I'm all caught up.

6. My poor cats have become 2nd class citizens around here. They used to get all the attention they wanted before children entered the picture, but now they are constantly being harassed & shame on us sometimes ignored. But they still continue to try & give the boys love.
7. St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner. What this means to me is that the Shamrock Shake is back. You may find it disgusting, but growing up my family looked forward to March so we could indulge in this delicious mint milkshake. It's only the 4th day in March & my sisters & I have already shared 2.

8. My sisters still love having their picture taken with Johnnie, but he just thinks it's funny & laughs or tries to escape.
9. Since I'm up a lot of the night, I DVR movies on Lifetime. Most of them are so cheesy & usually about mean girls in high school. Either I have a really bad memory or am really naive because I just don't remember girls being like this. The most recent one was Odd Girl Out. I'm thinking with each of these movies, it's good to have boys.

10. 9 Weeks old. We make you do tummy time everyday, but when you get tired of it you just lay your head down & rest.