It's quickly becoming a tradition that my girlfriends & I get together to participate in a run, spend a few nights away without husbands, drink some wine & have some girl time. This year we trekked to Temecula to participate in the Mudderella. It was a 6 mile, 12 obstacle muddy course created for women by women. It wasn't very challenging but maybe that's because I'm comparing in to the Tough Mudder we did last year. But it was a lot of fun to get away, get dirty & have some quality girl time. 


8th Birthday

Our 1st born is 8. It's hard to believe that I have been a mama for 8 years. Our baby boy is no longer a baby at all. He is so smart. Very good at math. Such a great artist & so creative. He is obsessed with video games & if we were willing to let him he would play them all day. He is still great at sports & is an avid football fan. He likes to push his boundaries a lot more than he used to but when he's sweet he can melt your heart. I'm very proud of the kid he is growing into but I still wish he would slow down & stay my baby boy a little longer.


Happy 3rd Birthday

Every birthday that Holly celebrates is the last time we will celebrate that year so it's always a happy occasion & a little sad at the same time. Our little girl is now 3 going on 13. She is pretty, sassy, demanding, funny, full of energy & life, is not shy about telling you what she wants & has a smile that can melt your heart. She speaks so well for her age & often shocks us with some the things she says. She has started preschool & is loving learning to draw & write. She still loves books & she has finally discovered a movie she can watch beginning to end...FROZEN.  She is 36" tall & 29 lbs which is the 25% for both. As these photos show Holly Moon has a big personality & we love her more than she will ever understand. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!


St Thomas

About a year ago my childhood girlfriends & I started talking about taking a big girls' trip to celebrate our 40th birthdays. There was a lot of planning & truthfully we never thought it would happen but it did. 5 girlfriends, a trip to St Thomas with no kids & no husbands. A chance to catch up, giggle, drink, dance & relax in the sun. It was the tip of a lifetime & I'm so thankful Rick & my sister handled the home so I could enjoy my trip. The beaches were beautiful. Crystal clear blue water. It was a wonderful adventure. 
From the drinks at the St Thomas airport 

to dinners out in Red Hook 

to the beaches at the Elysian Resort, the friendly iguanas
a pool/spa day at the Ritz Carlton next door  
a day trip to Cinnamon Bay after taking the ferry over to St John  
dinners & drinks at sunset
& 2 days at Magen's Bay Beach which is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen it was a trip I will never forget.


Mama's Day

Today is always such a hard day for me. It's Mother's Day...the day you celebrate the person who gave you life but my mom isn't alive to celebrate with. She left us too early & I miss her everyday but especially today. If it weren't for my wonderful husband who reminds me how proud she would be of me & the mother I am to my 4 babies I would just cry all day. But thanks to this crazy man  
instead I look at my blessings & I smile because without them I wouldn't be who I am today. They are the reason I hear the word mama cried, yelled & said with such love everyday. They give the best gifts with the help of their wonderful teachers.  
These faces bring such smiles & happiness to my life especially when they are being silly.  
Happy Mother's Day especially to my mom who showed me what unconditional love is.



So this year I turned the big 4-0 & 2 days later celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary! To celebrate some friends of mine took me out for dinner & drinks to try & help me forget that I was about to enter that dreaded new decade, my forties. It was a great night with lots of laughter & great friends.  
On my actual birthday we had a nice dinner at home followed by cake because according to my kids you can't have a birthday without cake & candles but thankfully Rick only had each of our kiddos put one candle on. It was delicious & I had it that night & for breakfast for the next 3 days. 
On our actual anniversary Rick & I got dressed up & went out to celebrate at Manhattan Beach Post. It wasn't anything extravagant but these days with 2 jobs, 4 children & all the activities they have, a quiet night alone together is the perfect night to us. And after all was said done I'm really happy with the life I have. 18 years of friendship, 16 years together, 10 years of marriage, 4 children &  a lifetime together to look forward to means we are really blessed.
I admittedly shed a tear because I turned 40 but then I counted my blessings, I got dressed & I'm telling the world this is what 40 looks like & I feel lucky.


Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is always such a fun day at our house. We always have a family brunch followed by an Easter egg hunt. Each year it gets a little harder to hide the eggs because the boys are getting so big but they still enjoy the search. Johnnie enjoys the competition of finding the most, Joey still just eats the candy as he comes across each egg, Jimmy who is a little obsessed with all the things sports used his glove to collect his eggs & Holly just enjoys the day. I am usually the one behind the camera so when my sister Kayci is here she makes sure to get photos of me so the kids remember that I was here too when they look back at the photos. We always try to make sure to get at least one family as well as photos with grandpa. It was a beautiful day & the Easter bunny was good to our kids.