Our Little Guy is

7 months old & not so little. 16 pounds 8 ounces. 27 1/4 inches long. He is crawling backwards & in circles. He is loving playing with his toys on his tummy & sitting up in the bathtub now. During his photo shoot I tried getting a photo of him sitting but he kept laying down & crawling around. And then it was cut short because Johnnie climbed up on the table & asked to have his clothes off too & wanted to be in the pics. And as you can see, Joey is completely amused by Johnnie (& his tongue.)



No 3 words have ever been so cute & yet so annoying at the same time. Johnnie turned 22 months old today & this is his favorite phrase. And wow, he wants everything. His books, his wa-wa, his juice, his toys & his brother just to name a few. His favorite show is still Word World & he can actually watch an entire movie. One movie. Flushed Away. He is trying to speak in sentences & is learning new words everyday. He definitely has an opinion that he wants to express & pouts when you don't agree with them. He still LOVES his pacifier so we have started trying to only let him have it at naptimes & bedtime which makes for some fussy times. As his terrible 2s approach & he continues to test his limits he can still make us laugh nonstop, especially with his love of dancing. And best of all he now says "I wuv you!" These are the 3 BEST words I have ever heard & pray I hear more of.


Back in the Wa-Wa

Last summer we spent some time trying to get Johnnie used to the water but he was only happy when Rick was either holding him or holding the floatie. Well now it's a year later & Johnnie has started swim lessons. 2 to be exact. He still wants his daddy right near him, but he will hold on to the wall & kick. He will even jump in if daddy is there to catch him & surprisingly he will try & swim over to you guessed it his daddy.


Weekend Away

This past weekend Joey & I went up to Northern California to visit my best friend Heather & her two sons. Daniel is 4 1/2 years old. Carson is 15 1/2 months. We had a relaxing weekend walking around Walnut Creek, playing in her house & just enjoying catching up. We were able to spend some time with Ariana (just turned 1) & Nicolle too. And then after all the kiddos went to bed us mommies went out for an evening of fun.It's funny how quickly you forget what it was like just taking care of one baby. Even though my weekend was much less chaotic I was happy to reunite the boys & get back to my loves at home. Thanks for a nice weekend friends.

And Joey at 28 weeks old.


10 on Tuesday- BBQ pics

1. Kids enjoying the pool2. Robert & Larisa3. And their adorable daughter Bella enjoying the water4. Jake trying to get a little sun. I couldn't get his brother Adam to sit still long enough for a pic. 5. Auntie Kim & jojo6. Lauren walking with her daddy7. Hayley, Hillary & Johnnie enjoying the boat8. Hillary's brother Vaughn "mowing" the lawn9. 8 month old little Marx enjoying the toys10. Johnnie probably had one too many capri suns today & it made him really silly Until next year...


Inside Inside

These are the words Johnnie was emphatically yelling as the fireworks above our home got louder & louder. He became more frightened with each firework that went off & wanted to be back inside the house. He stayed up being held by us until 10:30pm when the fireworks died down (3 full hours past his bedtime). In our town, you don't have to look for an organized fireworks show. You just have to stand outside & look up to see this. To celebrate the big day we had a bbq with family & friends. Johnnie spent the entire day playing in the pool while Joey played with toys in the shade & watched the other children. Hope your holiday was full of good food, good friends & patriotic thoughts. Check back later to see more photos from the bbq.