Easter Hunt

Easter was a beautiful day! The boys started their day with baskets left behind by the Easter bunny. (I will post some pics later this week.) Then after nap time the boys spent the afternoon searching for eggs in the backyard. Some of the eggs were well hidden to give Johnnie & Joey a challenge while others were in obvious places for Jimmy to find. They all had a wonderful time for very different reasons.

Jimmy just liked having grandpa show him where all the eggs were & he also loved dumping the contents of each one out to eat some.
Joey started the hunt with a lot of excitement but once he realized there was candy inside he was done hunting. He just wanted to sit down & EAT all the candy. That was okay with me though because it meant I got some snuggle time. And Johnnie was all about searching for the eggs. He was really proud of himself for finding them. And because he was so happy he was willing to take photos with mama & his aunties. And the boys were so happy to show daddy everything they found. We ended the egg search & candy eating extravaganza with a family photo before heading in for Easter dinner. Thankful for such a blessed day!


Another Visit Over Already

The boys grandparents were here over the last 2 weeks & once again time went by way too quickly. There were lots of snuggles, lots of kisses, singing & LOTS of bubbles. We already miss you & can't wait for our next visit.