A Day of Change

These past 15 months have been the best of my life. Things for our family will never be the same, but will be enriched by the birth of your baby brother. To celebrate your last few hours as an only child, here are some of my favorite memories of you.

1. Daddy couldn't get enough of you in the hospital when you were born & ever since then he hasn't been able to get enough of you. One day you will probably tire of his kisses but for now...2. On Christmas morning 2006, before our family arrived to celebrate the day, you & I spent some quality time laying by the tree. Daddy took this photo of us & I love how intense you look.3. Happy New Year 2007. I put this New Year's hat on you & took some photos. I love that you look like you're letting me get away with something.4. February 26th, 2007. My sisters & I took you to Redondo Beach for the 1st time to take your 5 month photos. You had just started sitting up on your own so you kept tipping over in to the sand, but you never cried & we got some great photos.5. Bathtub fun. Those 1st few times we gave you a bath you were not happy. But after a while you started to really enjoy yourself. Now you look forward to getting a bath every night. You sit in the tub splashing around & sucking on your bath toys while you giggle constantly.6. April 26, 2007. Whenever daddy speaks, you stare up at him mesmerized. Your big eyes are always so full of wonder & they are my favorite part of your face. They tell a story every time I look in to them.7. August 26, 2007. 11 Months old. You came with me to run some errands today. We went to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf afterwards & you were dancing & strutting around the store. Anytime you hear music, you stop what you're doing & bounce up & down. These days you are always really happy... smiling, laughing, walking & bringing such joy to our lives.
8. At your 1st birthday party we gave you cake for the 1st time. You didn't like it & when we put your hands on it you & you cried until we washed your hands.9. Happy Halloween 2007. We came to your Halloween Parade at daycare & you looked so cute running around in your octopus costume.10. I have been trying to feed you adult solid foods for months, but you just wanted to keep eating pureed food. You have slowly started eating our food & this evening we fed you spaghetti & meatballs. As you can see in this photo, you loved it & couldn't get enough of it.
One last photo before I head out. Here is a photo of us this morning right before I put him down for a nap. I'm off to have my baby boy!


YAY! 15 Months Old

Our little guy is now 15 months old. He is a whopping 18 pounds 11 ounces (seriously... I do feed him. A LOT.) He gives open mouth kisses to just about everyone who asks for one & to some who don't. He can now say 13 words & sign 5 words. His small vocabulary doesn't stop him from constantly talking in "HIS" language to us, the cats & himself. He has finally started handing us books to read to him after months of wanting nothing to do with sitting still for reading time. We now leave a book in his crib to read on his own & enjoy watching & hearing him on the baby monitor. He received this bouncing zebra from grandpa for Christmas & enjoys bouncing on it until the music starts. Then he gets up, bounces his knees, claps his hands & says YAY! Everyday with him brings such happiness to our lives & whenever he learns to do something new I want to bounce my knees, clap my hands & say YAY!


Merry Christmas

What a Difference a Year Makes.
This time last year we were celebrating Johnnie's 1st Christmas. He was only 3 months old & didn't have any idea of what was going on. He was a good sport though & let me take this photo.

Now a year later we are back at our house with his grandpa, Auntie Kim & Kayci & he's no longer an infant but rather a little guy with a huge personality.He still doesn't quite understand the meaning of this holiday, but he does notice things. When we drive up to the house after dark, he points at the lights daddy hung on the house & oohs at them. He swats at our tree & jumps up & down. Opening presents this morning he enjoyed ripping the paper off but didn't care what was in the boxes.

Everyone was really generous & we hope Johnnie will one day look back & realize this. It took some time for him to climb up on to his puppy rocker, but once he did, he really enjoyed himself.

From our family to yours, we hope you had a wonderful day!


10 on Tuesday-Pacifier Obsession

1. I had planned never to let my child have a pacifier. Then when Johnnie was 6 weeks old & hysterical in the middle of the night, I changed my mind. Now there's no turning back.
2. It would calm you down during those long middle of the night stay awake sessions.

3. Then you needed them on walks in the stroller.

4. And in the carseat. Maybe not in your mouth, but always nearby in case you need it.
5. You go to sleep holding 2 of them. And you wake up with one in your mouth & 1 in your hand.
6. You let us change your diaper as long as you can hold both of them.
7. Then we take them away from you & put you down to run around.

8. You're fine for a little while & then you begin the search. You call out for it. Nay-nay, Mo-mo, Me-me... these are some of the names you have called it. You play, but the whole time you are checking out the places you remember seeing one.
9. Then when things get really bad & you become frustrated you cry out for it.
10. Never underestimate your lack of will power until you've heard this cry & seen this face.


Countdown to Change

In 25 days our world is going to be turned upside down. Johnnie will no longer be an only child, but will be an older brother. We are excited to meet our new baby but want to take this time to celebrate Johnnie. He shows his happiness with his mouth wide open.
He brings a smile to my face every time I hold him.

And every time I see him with his daddy.