10 on Tuesday-Pacifier Obsession

1. I had planned never to let my child have a pacifier. Then when Johnnie was 6 weeks old & hysterical in the middle of the night, I changed my mind. Now there's no turning back.
2. It would calm you down during those long middle of the night stay awake sessions.

3. Then you needed them on walks in the stroller.

4. And in the carseat. Maybe not in your mouth, but always nearby in case you need it.
5. You go to sleep holding 2 of them. And you wake up with one in your mouth & 1 in your hand.
6. You let us change your diaper as long as you can hold both of them.
7. Then we take them away from you & put you down to run around.

8. You're fine for a little while & then you begin the search. You call out for it. Nay-nay, Mo-mo, Me-me... these are some of the names you have called it. You play, but the whole time you are checking out the places you remember seeing one.
9. Then when things get really bad & you become frustrated you cry out for it.
10. Never underestimate your lack of will power until you've heard this cry & seen this face.


Megan said...

What a sad little face. He is so adorable.

bru said...

Kathy you are too cute...and johhnie is adorable!!! i guess you started the trend of having 2 little boys, me and you are the only 2 I know having a boy!!! yay for us;)

J.J. Killins said...

oh he is just too sweet cathy:)

Stine said...

Cathy, continue the story! I love your documentation of Johnnie's first love..."the pacy" - what will happen next? you are a beautiful pregnant lady!