Thanksgivingis a very special day in our house. The whole family comes over dinner. We spend the day watching football, playing outside & my favorite part of the day is getting all of us together in a family photo for our Christmas cards. 

My favorite photos of the day were the ones captured with my kiddos & my hubs...which are what I'm most thankful for in life.
Everyone but me finds it torturous so I have to agree to silly photos but it's worth it to capture these beautiful moments.


Annual Halloween Party

Tonight we attended Jackie & Ryan's annual Halloween party. Rick left it up to me to choose our costumes so to his dismay I chose to raid Kayci's closet so we could be ravers. We joined our friends for drinking, eating & dancing & had a great adult night out. I imagine next year Rick will want to have more input so he doesn't end up dressed like this again.