Easter Sunday was a whirlwind this year. It was so much fun. There was family time, Easter egg hunts, lots of laughter, lots of smiles & some yawns & most of all a lot of love (some for us & lots for candy).


What Happens in Vegas

Stays in Vegas. At least that was true before the invention of cell phones, Facebook & Instagram.We traveled there for a weekend to celebrate Selena's Last Fling Before the Ring. It was a really special trip to me because both my sisters were there too. It was a really great weekend that started with a short plane trip, 16 girls gathering to celebrate a beautiful friend getting married, limo rides, a night of partying letting her stand out in white, dancing, drinking, lots of iPhone pics, gambling, tanning, lots of fooslishness & giggling, mustache wearing, a fun night of dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly dressed for St Patrick's Day, late night pizza, walking the strip & of course shopping. I had a blast & will never forget it. And as you can see I never forgot about the person who made this trip possible for me by watching all our kids. I made sure to get a picture with him too. Did I mention there was drinking?




Another Day Another Game

This is Johnnie's 3rd Season of baseball in the last year. In the last year he has improved so much. Now he actually leads off from bases  
he stands ready for the ball in the outfield  
he immediately throws the ball to the correct base when he fields the ball  
& he acknowledges that we are in the stands rooting him on.  
He is starting to look at the boys on his team as friends & not just teammates now that he has been on their team for a few seasons & they are a ridiculously cute & nice group of boys.


Jimmy's 1st Day of PreSchool

It's that time again. Another 1st day of preschool. He is so ready to really start learning EVERYDAY. He is becoming such a big boy & yet his "Bunny" goes with him. He is ready & he makes us proud. He is such a smart boy & will excel but I'm just excited to watch him make new friends & new discoveries.


Award Night

Every year the military base where Rick & I have worked for the last 17-18 years honors military & government civilian employees with annual awards. It's a chance for supervisors, coworkers & family members to honor the nominees. Rick was nominated for the Senior Supervisor of the Year.  Rick is one of the hardest workers I have ever seen & finally he was being recognized for all that work. After a nice dinner & what seemed like hours of speeches & protocol it was finally time. And it was worth the wait. Rick won the award. It was such an honor & I was such a proud of wife. I admire his hard work & his dedication & I'm so happy others were finally able to celebrate him too. And besides his medal, he received this cool trophy too. I'm so proud of you babe.