Baby Shower

Today my friends & family threw me & the baby girl in my tummy a baby shower. It was a day full of lots of pink good food good friends generous gifts & so much love for a baby that will be in my arms in 3 weeks. Thanks again to all my friends & family including the ones who couldn't be here today to celebrate in person. And I wanted to share this one last photo of my 3 boys giving their mama & baby sister a little love after the shower!


New Setup

In preparation for the arrival of our new baby we had to transition Jimmy out of the nursery. No time like the present so tonight was the night. After some discussions with the boys we decided that the boys would all share a room since none of them wanted to be alone. So we ordered bunk beds for the older boys & moved Jimmy to his 1st big boy bed. And once he's ready we will transition him to his very own bed that moves the mattresses off the floor. Daddy read the boys their books & I sang them bedtime songs & then it was time for photos in their new beds before lights out. They were so happy but Jimmy did ask if he could go back to his crib. And one last photo before we turned the lights out. Overall it was a successful transition. Jimmy only got out of bed once. And now we have an empty nursery & a boys room full of happy boys!


8 Months Pregnant

I am now 8 months pregnant. 6 weeks from my due date & 5 weeks from today I will be meeting my new littlest love. Johnnie & Joey are very willing to take photos hugging my belly but Jimmy must know he will no longer be the baby because he is constantly giving my belly kisses & hugs but he keeps running away from my camera. And he is now more interested in daddy than ever.


4th of July Weekend

4 days went quickly. They were jam packed with visits to the park (using Instagram app) swimming with friendsface painting at a birthday party (using Instagram app) playing with the water tablerunning through sprinklers, bbq with familyfireworks & a visit to the aquarium. So much fun had in a short amount of time & such a great way to kick off some HOT summer days & nights.