Firestation Visit

About a  month ago my sister & I took the kids to the local fire station for the open house. We had so much fun & the boys really got a kick out of it so I wanted to make sure to share the day on the blog. After delivering the cookies we baked it was tour time. First they showed us around the fire station. And then it was time to play in the truck. Trying on helmets, talking into headphones & just getting a feel for where the firemen sit.
Then Fireman Joe made my boys day. He offered to let them play with the fire hoses. He had them drag them all over the courtyard trying to tire them out. He definitely doesn't know my boys. 
And then each of the boys had a turn spraying the water. Johnnie went first & was a natural. When he touched it he knew right away to pull the nozzle back to get the water to shoot out. Jimmy went next & wanted Joe to help him.  
And then it was Joey's turn. Just as expected he wasn't timid at all. He immediately shot the water into the air & over the wall. 
And finally it was Fireman Joe's turn. He wanted to show the boys how the water could shoot straight into the air. And this was by far the best part of the day to them. They ran around in circles making sure they were always running toward the water. Once they were soaking wet it was time for a group photo & time for us to leave them to their work. I am so appreciative of everything firemen do for us but especially for opening up their work place, their hearts & the imagination of my boys.  
Afterwards we went to get Joey & Jimmy a haircut & as you can see they were still in good spirits from our earlier adventure.


10 Months

It's happening too quickly. The end of more than 5 years of babies in my house is rapidly approaching a close. I absolutely LOVE babies. And I will miss every baby smell, baby sound all those firsts that come with watching a baby grow. Luckily there are still a lot of moments left. Holly had 2 more teeth come in this month. Her top middle teeth. She discovered her voice & therefore now yells as often as she can. A joyful sound but loud.
She completely loves the bath. As soon as we put her down she stands right next to the bath bouncing her knees & yelling (of course) with her new voice until we put her in.
She loves table food & feeding herself & each day it gets harder to feed her because she is constantly grabbing the spoon to try & feed herself. She is still a happy baby but has had a tough month with teething & her first REAL cold.
She still can't get enough of her brothers & this month Jimmy has jumped to the top of her favorite people list. Our girl is spunky & so happy & I can't wait to see what firsts she accomplishes this next month.


First & Last

Today was the last day of school for Johnnie. The last day of Tedde. Starting next year he will be a Kindergartener. This year he learned to write the alphabet, how to sound out words, especially the ones that rhyme, some addition & subtraction, the concept of reading & most importantly how to be a little less sensitive when friends treat him poorly. He didn't drastically change but he gained a few inches & a few pounds & sadly lost some of the baby fat in his cheeks. I love how much he has grown over the last 9 months physically & emotionally & look forward to his next school year!


Johnnie's 1st baseball season is over. Before we know it we will be moving on to something new so before the season gets too far from us I wanted to blog some of the skills he learned. Johnnie has always been very good at batting & he started off not being able to throw so well but about 1/2 way into the season something clicked & it all just came together. There was the throw along with a lip bite, the follow through with an intense stare & finally one final look that I think was Johnnie's way of telling that ball it better go exactly where he wants it. And as for catching we are hoping to perfect that skill over the summer.


Closing Day

This Saturday we had Closing Day ceremonies for tee-ball. Happy to see Johnnie moving on to the next level of baseball but sad to have the season over. Johnnie absolutely LOVED learning the fundamentals of baseball. He hit the ball at every at bat, he loved running the bases & he had so much fun with his teammates, coaches & his daddy who was at every game on the field helping coach the team. Closing Day was a great ending to a great season. 
Good food, lots of water guns, trophies, laughs, photos with Pirate mamas, a very tired baby & one last family photo. Can't wait for next season but at least there is always baseball camp this summer.