Feels Like Summer

Sometimes during the winter & spring we get a day that is so warm it feels like summer. Today was one of those days. So Holly wanted to wear her bathing suit & play in her water table. All the boys  loved this table & she does too. She just likes to splash her hands in & out of the water & lucky for me she still likes to smile for the camera. I love these warm days & I love that face.


Cold Weather Play

When we woke up today it was raining outside. I usually don't let the kids outside but today I let Holly play in the rain & she was so happy to just jump around in the puddles. 
  After being cleaned up Holly went to Alexandria's 3rd Birthday Party. It was at an ice skating rink. At first she was timid but the minute she put those skates on she was beyond excited. We had a really hard time trying to get her off of the ice but my baby did such a great job.
And then she spent the evening playing with her kitchen. It was a good day for her & for me.