Dodger Day

Going out without the kids is rare but today we went with friends to the Dodger Game. It was a fun game, a hot day & just adult fun. 


Soccer Opening Day

Today is the first day of soccer & possibly our last opening day ever. Joey has already decided he's done with the sport & next year I think it's going to be hard to convince Johnnie & Jimmy that they should play soccer instead of football. So we will enjoy these cute uniforms & big smiles & that crazy soccer field for possibly one last season.


Happy 3rd Birthday

Every birthday that Holly celebrates is the last time we will celebrate that year so it's always a happy occasion & a little sad at the same time. Our little girl is now 3 going on 13. She is pretty, sassy, demanding, funny, full of energy & life, is not shy about telling you what she wants & has a smile that can melt your heart. She speaks so well for her age & often shocks us with some the things she says. She has started preschool & is loving learning to draw & write. She still loves books & she has finally discovered a movie she can watch beginning to end...FROZEN.  She is 36" tall & 29 lbs which is the 25% for both. As these photos show Holly Moon has a big personality & we love her more than she will ever understand. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!


The Road to Black Belt

Joey has always been our most stubborn child so today we decided to enroll him in Taekwondo. We think it will do wonders for him because he will be working toward reaching a goal that only he has in our house, there will be more people to discipline as well as praise him & we think it will make him proud of himself as he moves toward the huge accomplishment of getting a blackbelt.

Another Year Another Kindergartner

Another year has gone by & it's time for our baby boy to start kindergarten. Jimmy couldn't be more excited. He loves learning, he is happy to be in school with his brothers & he was ready for his mama to leave him to start his first day of school.