Happy Birthday Kim

This blog usually only features the kids but today it's about some adult fun. For Kim's birthday this year she wanted to celebrate at the Pirate's Dinner Adventure in Buena Park. I admittedly thought it was an odd choice but if that's what the birthday girl wants that's what she gets. Our birthday girl & everyone who came was decked out in Pirate gear  made by Kim's great friend Lindsey.
 It's a dinner show that is ridiculously fun. Lots of yelling, hoorahing, laughing, eating & drinking. Even all the guys that were there got into it.
I hope Kimberly enjoyed her night because I sure did & after the show the Cadou sisters decided they needed a photo with our section's pirate. Only after the picture was taken & I was looking through the photos did I notice we all decided we should yell for the photo. We are sisters who are pretty similar, right? Happy Birthday little sis!


And she swims

Holly has been going to watch her brothers swim every week at the pool since she was born but today it was her day to get in the water. At first she calmly sat in her bathing suit waiting for her turn but then it was her turn. Miss Grace eased her into the water & then she just tried to get her used to the water all the while trying to get her to stop crying. After about 12 minutes into her 15 minute lesson she finally stopped. Long enough to enjoy the toys for her last few minutes. We have been through this with all the other kids so we know in time she will LOVE the water. We gave Holly lots of love & hugs & then waited for her brothers to be done.
They end each lesson with a fun throw in the air & I was lucky enough to catch it this time.


Funny Faces

It was a short visit this time around with gramma but Johnnie still managed to have a great time with her. They spent lots of time coloring, drawing, reading & his favorite times were taking cute & funny photos with her.


Happy Birthday Daddy

Turning 40 is a HUGE milestone. Something to be celebrated. But with our busy lives, some unforeseen house repairs, surprise guests & the holidays having just passed Rick's birthday was celebrated in quiet fashion. As soon as Rick came home from work I told him we should have cake first so the kids didn't get too tired. On cue Rick's mom & stepdad came walking around the corner carrying the cake & singing happy birthday. They flew here from back East that afternoon to surprise Rick on his big day. So there was no big party, no group of friends & not too many gifts but there was a homemade cake, a hug from mom & lots of happy children ready to give hugs to their most favorite man in the world. I think that's a lovely way to spend your birthday. I love you babe!


Party Time

Rick & I rarely have an occasion to get dressed up & go out so when we do we make the most of it. We have no idea when we'll get another chance so when my holiday company party rolled around we bought some new clothes, did our hair, left the kids behind &  went out. There was dinner, fun times with friends & dancing. Till next time.
We love to watch our boys play sports but often times it's just as fun to watch them afterwards. There's a great park outside the basketball gym that the kids have a great time at. They love climbing
learning the monkey bars
 & eating  grandpa provided treats.


Another season, another sport. This time it's basketball. Johnnie had lots of fun during the winter season. He had fun on the bench  
fun on the court being coached by his daddy & Joe
lots of fun shooting baskets (he made some almost every game) & lots of fun being a very intense dribbler.   
 I loved seeing my on the court & can't wait to see him on the court again.