Daddy's Girl

I have always loved being the mama to boys but when I found out that I was pregnant with a baby girl I was more excited for Rick than myself. Our boys love him & give him snuggles but there is something so special about a daddy & his girl. Holly loves her mama & will more often than not choose to be held by her mama but when she is with her daddy she just wants to snuggle up to him. She lays her head on his shoulder, gives kisses &  makes her daddy so happy. It melts my heart to see them together & look forward to many years of cuddles. Love these two!


He's Getting So Big

Happy Birthday!!! Jimmy is 4 years old.
  Hard to believe but if you could hear him speak you would know it's true. He has always been a highly intelligent little boy but now that he is getting ready to start fulltime preschool his intelligence is even more obvious. He works nonstop at a task until he either perfects it or figures out how to do whatever it is he's trying to do. This includes everything in his life. School work, tee ball, playing Memory, climbing trees & just playing with his toys. He's a perfectionist! He's a goofball.  
He loves to play, read books & snuggle. He loves to have fun & giggle, which is why we decided to celebrate his birthday at the Pirate's Dinner Adventure. We all went including his brothers & sister, both his aunties & both of their significant others.  
There were pictures, giggles, yelling & parts in the show dressed as a pirate.

We are so happy to watch our little guy grow up but just like I do with all my kids I wish time would slow down. We love you Jimmy James (the way he refers to himself).

Play Ball

It's that time of the year again. Baseball season. And it's a first in our house. All of our boys are playing this spring season. Johnnie is a rookie this year! A Rookie Red. Coach pitch, actual outs & 4 innings. He's ready. He has been practicing hitting, catching & sliding. It should be an awesome season.  
Joey & Jimmy will be playing tee-ball on the same team. Giants. They are both really excited. And ready. Especially Jimmy. I think Joey just plays for now because his brothers do but Jimmy actually has been practicing & I'm sure he will be all business when he takes the field. Stay tuned because it's time for the Bolander boys to play ball.


18 Months

Our time with a baby in the house is soon coming to an end. Holly Moon will always be our baby girl but 6 months from now she will be 2 years old. An official toddler. She is such a happy girl. Always smiling & giggling.  
And sometimes she shows us her unhappy, confused face.  
She is constantly communicating with us.  
With some words we understand, with gestures & the occasional grunt. Her words may not always be recognizable to others but we always understand her. She still loves to eat especially, pasta & yogurt. She has 12 teeth & 4 new ones are trying to break through. She remains tiny & weighs 21lbs 4oz (5%) & is 31.5" (25%). She absolutely loves to play outside (side as she says), rough housing with her brothers but somehow she is still very gentle with everyone else.  
She loves dolls 
& can't get enough of books, constantly bringing books over to us & saying book book. She is a mama's girl & a daddy's girl.I have always wished I could slow time down for my children but now that she is our last baby it breaks my heart that she is growing so fast. We love you so much baby girl!