Another Halloween has come & gone. This year instead of family costumes we decided to let the children choose what they wanted to be. Johnnie wanted to be Snake Eyes from GI Joe, Joey chose a Storm Trooper from Star Wars, Jimmy was a Ninja Turtle & Holly of course chose to be a princess.
I asked for group shot with the promise of a silly photo & it was my favorite of the night because it shows their personalities...sweet, silly, crazy & a little wicked.




It's quickly becoming a tradition that my girlfriends & I get together to participate in a run, spend a few nights away without husbands, drink some wine & have some girl time. This year we trekked to Temecula to participate in the Mudderella. It was a 6 mile, 12 obstacle muddy course created for women by women. It wasn't very challenging but maybe that's because I'm comparing in to the Tough Mudder we did last year. But it was a lot of fun to get away, get dirty & have some quality girl time.