1/2 Way There

to 3 that is. Joey is now 2 1/2 years old. A full blown toddler. Speaking in full sentences. Knows exactly what he wants at the exact moment he wants it & so do you. Wakes up saying "Juicy" every.single.day. Soon after that 1st sip of his water juice mixture he says "Where's daddy?" This one is definitely a daddy's boy. He can't get enough of him. Wants to wrestle with daddy. Eat in daddy's lap. Read with him & just cuddle with him. And lately he can't get enough of his Auntie "Tim" (can't say Ks yet). He loves both his brothers dearly. Now that he is at a daycare that provides lunch he has finally started trying different foods because they will let him go hungry if he chooses not to eat. Maybe I should take a lesson. He can sit through an entire movie. He still loves all ball sports & his favorite activities still involve being outdoors. Jojo is our little stinkerbug. When you tell him no or take something away from him he gives you the WHATEVER face that also includes the hand waving you away. Sometimes when you try to get his attention you are ignored but really he is just in deep thought. In this case watching the seals swim around at the zoo. His face is infectious. Those big eyes, that always mischievous look & his smile. He is just a joy to be around. We love you big guy.


Father's Day Gifts

I know Father's Day was over a week ago but I wanted to share what my sisters, the boys & I did for both Rick & my dad. While Rick was out of town Mother's Day weekend my sisters & I participated in a charity photo shoot & kept it a secret in order to surprise the men in our lives. I was really happy with how the photos turned out & so were the dads. This was one of the 1st photos we took & we gave this photo as a 16x24 to my dad. I thought it was amazing that we were able to get everyone looking forward & looking very cute. Then I put together a 20x20 collage using some of the following photos for Rick. I love the photos but am kind of sad that Rick is not in them but he was really happy so it was worth the long drive to the ranch where the photo shoot was, the struggling with the boys to get them to look forward at the camera & keeping it a secret from Rick for over a month. And here are some of the photos that didn't make it in to the collage but I still love them.


Happy Father's Day

3 1/2 years ago you were eagerly waiting to meet your first baby. And look at you now. Surrounded by baby boys who adore you & can't get enough of you. Thank you for being such a great dad who is always patient, loving & always willing to be silly. We all love you. And thank you to my dad for being so supportive & such a wonderful grandpa to our boys. And papa & grandpa Joe we wish you could have spent the day with us. We love you & miss you & hope you had a wonderful day.


It's Been Awhile

since I had the time to blog but I wanted to share some of our recent activities. Our 3 boys are really starting to play together. On this particular afternoon it was the Batman cave & superheroes. Rick & I were commenting that our boys have been really healthy lately. We have only had one afternoon where Johnnie had to come home with a fever. He just spent the afternoon coloring in his jammies & laying around watching tv. We have had some really nice weather here every weekend. If you know anything about the Bolander boys you know they enjoy taking off their clothes. Mostly to run around the backyard playing with the water table. And with grandpa & aunties visiting there are often milkshakes in the afternoon & Jimmy LOVES them. Here he is finishing off his after he already finished off his brothers. And of course he's not dressed. And all that playing in the sun takes a lot out of you. Just check out our boy who kept saying he didn't want to go to bed. And with all this nice weather Rick has been doing some projects around the yard. And he's been teaching the boys how to use a saw. Hopefully they are paying attention because they sure do have some big gloves to fill. And while they were hard at work Jimmy was playing his favorite game. Peek A Boo. I would say " Where is Jimmy?" He would hide. And then I would say "There he is." And he would make this face.


Ten on Thursday

1. I have always wanted to run a marathon but as the years have gone on & one surgery later I have decided that is not a goal I'm ever going to accomplish. So instead I have decided I want to train for & run a 1/2 marathon. I have signed up for the Long Beach Marathon in October which gives me plenty of time to train. My goal for myself is to just finish without worrying about the time. If I enjoy it I will train for a faster time next time.

2. This big boy turned 44 months old last week. Only 4 months away from 4. It's hard to believe but it shouldn't be. He speaks in clear full sentences all the time. And still acts shy.3. He gives lots of love to his brothers.4. He loves to play outside. Basketball w/daddy. Water guns w/his brothers. And just running around like a mad man.5. Jimmy is enjoying books with his daddy. Books w/everyone. Books. Books. Books.6. Over Memorial Day weekend at a BBQ he fell down some stairs & got his first shiner. The first of many I'm sure.7. Joey at 29 months so wants to potty train. He has now told us twice when he had to go & actually sat on the toilet & went. But most of the time he just pees himself & tells us when he's done. So I think he's not ready to potty train so much as he's ready to be done with diapers.

8. Joey can still still cry with the best of them. Puts everything into it. Mouth wide open. Tears. Screaming. The whole works.9. He can't stand to sit still. Stands up on the furniture & dives forward. Runs into you at full speed often hurting us & himself & is a little too playful at times. That's why he often comes home from school with scratches, cuts & most recently this fat lip.10. Grandpa comes over most of the weekend. He comes to hang out with the boys but usually gets put to work. Not hard work but tiring & hot. But the boys love it. And I'm pretty sure he does too.