1/2 Way There

to 3 that is. Joey is now 2 1/2 years old. A full blown toddler. Speaking in full sentences. Knows exactly what he wants at the exact moment he wants it & so do you. Wakes up saying "Juicy" every.single.day. Soon after that 1st sip of his water juice mixture he says "Where's daddy?" This one is definitely a daddy's boy. He can't get enough of him. Wants to wrestle with daddy. Eat in daddy's lap. Read with him & just cuddle with him. And lately he can't get enough of his Auntie "Tim" (can't say Ks yet). He loves both his brothers dearly. Now that he is at a daycare that provides lunch he has finally started trying different foods because they will let him go hungry if he chooses not to eat. Maybe I should take a lesson. He can sit through an entire movie. He still loves all ball sports & his favorite activities still involve being outdoors. Jojo is our little stinkerbug. When you tell him no or take something away from him he gives you the WHATEVER face that also includes the hand waving you away. Sometimes when you try to get his attention you are ignored but really he is just in deep thought. In this case watching the seals swim around at the zoo. His face is infectious. Those big eyes, that always mischievous look & his smile. He is just a joy to be around. We love you big guy.


Jackie Kelly said...

What a lovable little guy. Hope we'll be able to hear some of those big sentences of Joey's on the phone this weekend. Big hugs to our Joey, Johnnie and Jimmy from Gramma Jackie and Grampa Joe.

Katie said...

Happy 2 1/2 Birthday Jojo!