Joey's Pre-K Graduation

Joey has been in a pre-K program prepping for Kindergarten for the last year. It was a program at the daycare center where he started as a baby. He spent 3 years with the caregivers at this facility. He will miss everyone there, especially his teacher Ms. DJ & his girlfriend, Mia
but he's ready to move on to big boy school.  I couldn't be more proud of him if I tried.  
I love you Joey. Good luck!


Happy Father's Day

Daddy's day is such a big deal in our house because most father's don't get enough credit when it comes to taking care of the kids.On this Sunday afternoon, we grilled out to celebrate both the kiddos' daddy & grandpa. Rick does so much for our children. He plays with them, teaches them things like how to ride bikes & make baskets, he helps coach their sports teams, he bathes them & he puts them to bed almost EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT! Having 4 children is a lot of work but being able to share it with this guy makes it all worth it.
And let's not forget that he is the one who is teaching our kids to be goofy.  
My sisters were here that day as well since we were celebrating our dad who refused photos. So instead we took the opportunity to capture a photo with this little bug.


Closing Day

A season of baseball wouldn't be complete without closing day. It's a day to picnic, run around, shoot water guns, get trophies, take pictures & just have a great time.
As always the coaches are great & so is the team mama who happens to be a good friend of mine which always makes game days more fun.