My Baby Boy is 5

How has it been 5 years since I gave birth to this baby boy? He is such a sweetie. Always has a smile on his face. Loves to learn & is quite frankly brilliant. He is great at sports, he is intense about everything & he still loves to cuddle. We love this not so little guy.

Angels Opening Day

This year our 3 boys are playing on the same baseball team. The Angels. It is probably the first & only time our boys will be on the same baseball team so we are really excited. Besides being able to see them actually play together it also means I can actually watch all of the practices & all of the games. I'm so excited & so are they.

Opening Day

It's spring which means another baseball season is upon us. This season all the boys are on the same team. The Rookie Angels. It's the first time all the boys have been on the same team & it may be the last time for a good long time. It should be an exciting season with the boys learning to play together & it will be great for us to see them interact on the field. 
And Holly still has 2 years until it's her turn to play softball but there's always time for a Bolander kids photo.