First Step

Today was Johnnie's last day of preschool. He will be starting a TEDDE program in September. It is basically a 2 year Kindergarten program to get 4 year olds ready for full time Kindergarten. The curriculum is mostly the same but the ratio of children to the teacher is really small & there is a lot of time spent helping the child grow emotionally. But before he does that we celebrated with his classmates today & he willl spend summer just playing with his classmates. This afternoon we helped him celebrate. Daddy, Grandpa & I were there. Joey is in the class so of course he was there. Johnnie loves his teachers & will be very sad to not see them everyday. But he will definitely miss his friends the most. And I spend a lot of time trying to convince him that he will make lots of new friends. We were very proud of our boy today & look forward to all his first school steps.



Today is the official 1st day of summer. Hopefully this means that there will be more days full of sunshine. I know there will be more time spent in the kitchen hopefully teaching the boys to cook. Johnnie & Jimmy already show a big interest, helping me make pancakes this past weekend. All the while Joey enjoyed his alone time with daddy watching Saturday morning cartoons & I think he would like to spend his entire summer doing more of that. There will also be lots of time painting & I get the feeling there are going to be lots of photos that I take where I notice pieces of clothing missing when I download them on to my computer. Funny Joey! There will be a lot of time spent playing in the water. There will be tons of hours spent bouncing in the trampoline by the kiddos & some adults. And Rick is very happy that Johnnie & Joey are showing huge interest in his favorite sport, Lacrosse. And I think he will happily spend endless hours teaching them how to play. Welcome summer. Stay awhile.


Daddy Day

Today we celebrated the wonderful dads in our lives. I am constantly surrounded by two. My loving husband who has so much patience for all our boys (most of the time) & gives so much of himself to make them happy! And my own dad who is not only wonderful to his 3 daughters but so loved by his 3 grandsons.Thank you for all you do & for all the love you give! We love you both very much!