8th Birthday

Our 1st born is 8. It's hard to believe that I have been a mama for 8 years. Our baby boy is no longer a baby at all. He is so smart. Very good at math. Such a great artist & so creative. He is obsessed with video games & if we were willing to let him he would play them all day. He is still great at sports & is an avid football fan. He likes to push his boundaries a lot more than he used to but when he's sweet he can melt your heart. I'm very proud of the kid he is growing into but I still wish he would slow down & stay my baby boy a little longer.


Princess at Disneyland

To celebrate Holly turning 3 Rick & I decided to take our baby girl to Disneyland all by herself so she could be treated like a princess for a day. This post is going to be picture overload but it was such a fun day & she seemed so happy so I just couldn't stop taking photos. What a difference a day makes...she was scared of Minnie Mouse when we first arrived but by the end of the day she was all smiles.
As you can see from the change in her demeanor a day at Disneyland completely changed her outlook of Disney characters. Our baby loved all the attention from her parents & the time she was given just to herself.

Our baby girl had an amazing day & was asleep before we left the parking lot. She might not remember this day but I'll never forget.