10 on Tuesday

1.This time last year I was busy chasing around an 11 month old. He had been walking for 2 months already so anytime we set him down he would strut around. On this particular day we were at the Coffee Bean & Johnnie was dancing to the music. Every time I see this photo now it makes me smile because it looks as though he's in a club asking the ladies to dance.2. Now our little guy is one month away from 2. He no longer struts around but instead runs nonstop throughout the house. He is still always dancing though.

3.He loves watching movies, especially Cars.

4. He hasn't had a haircut in a few months so whenever he wakes up or gets sweaty his hair is completely curly. Definitely takes after his daddy on this one.
5. He loves his baby brother but he's still very jealous if he's having too much fun with daddy. He just joins in. And he doesn't seem to mind Joey's feet in his hair.6. Joey is now 34 weeks old. He LOVES food. I can't even explain how much. But all pureed food. So now I'm trying to introduce solid foods to him.

7. We gave him puff cereal first but they just kept getting stuck to his hands & never ended up in his mouth.

8. So now we have moved on to Biter Biscuits. After the first lick he paused & sat there thinking about whether or not he liked it.
9. He didn't think long though. Right back in his mouth it went.10. And if you suck on it long enough it breaks in to multiple pieces. Good job Joe. Now if we can just get you to eat solid non-messy foods.


Friday Fun

Our evenings are usually just dinner, baths, books, the occasional daddy jungle gym play (notice that even Batty participates), nursing & bedtime. This afternoon we got home early enough for me to spend some time taking photos of Joey while Rick entertained Johnnie. First I took photos of Joey crawling toward toys wearing the hat Johnnie made in school today. He's very determined & will usually work to get what he wants & boy is he happy when he gets it. That's pure joy on his face. Then I took him outside to get some fresh air & of course some more photos. I put him down in the grass but as you can see from the look on his face he didn't like the feel of it much. So I put him on a blanket & playtime resumed again. Now if I could just get home early enough everyday for the extra play time to happen...wishful thinking for now. And today is a very special day. My grandma's 88th Birthday. Hope you had a nice day. Here is a photo of her with Johnnie when he was 8 months old.


What I Can Manage

Who knew it would be so difficult to keep up with a blog when completely obsessed with everything going on in the Olympics. As much as I enjoy them, I need them to hurry up & end because I'm tired & I'm ready to get back to a normal life that doesn't include staying up till all hours of the night watching the games & then spending the whole next day trying to avoid hearing who the winners are since I'm not always caught up. Oh well. Every 4 years, right?

Lately Johnnie has been very toddler like. He ignores you if he's watching a show or movie.
If you stand in front of him, he leans around you to keep watching & says...MOOOVE! He now loves everything that used to be his that is now Joey's, including the exersaucer. It's funny to me that his little legs used to sit straight down .And he also feels that he should be involved in Joey's feedings. On this particular day I was feeding Joey oatmeal & Johnnie came right over & sat in front of him to get some bites too.I just hope that one day he will want to be this close to his brother just to play.

And for a bonus. Joey's 33 week photo.


It's Been Busy Here

While checking other blogs I realized I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks. I didn't even realize. It's been a busy 2 weeks around here. We have had a playdate with close friends who have a son 6 months older than Johnnie & a son 3 months younger than Joey. Rick has gone back East to record music & to hang out with friends. Joey has started crawling forward, especially if there is food in his sights & Johnnie is talking nonstop now that he only uses his pacifier at naptime & bedtime.

Johnnie & Cal.
Joey & JonahJohnnie reading with grandpaJoey is fascinated with the kitties. As soon as they walk in the room he can't get enough of them. He crawls over & tries to tackle them. Only Batty will actually let Joey touch him. And as you can see in this photo they both look so pleased. Joey is really starting to enjoy his nightly baths.And it's not Friday but all this talk of Joey crawling made me think back to when Johnnie started crawling so here is a Flashback photo of Johnnie at 7 months old.