10 on Tuesday

1.This time last year I was busy chasing around an 11 month old. He had been walking for 2 months already so anytime we set him down he would strut around. On this particular day we were at the Coffee Bean & Johnnie was dancing to the music. Every time I see this photo now it makes me smile because it looks as though he's in a club asking the ladies to dance.2. Now our little guy is one month away from 2. He no longer struts around but instead runs nonstop throughout the house. He is still always dancing though.

3.He loves watching movies, especially Cars.

4. He hasn't had a haircut in a few months so whenever he wakes up or gets sweaty his hair is completely curly. Definitely takes after his daddy on this one.
5. He loves his baby brother but he's still very jealous if he's having too much fun with daddy. He just joins in. And he doesn't seem to mind Joey's feet in his hair.6. Joey is now 34 weeks old. He LOVES food. I can't even explain how much. But all pureed food. So now I'm trying to introduce solid foods to him.

7. We gave him puff cereal first but they just kept getting stuck to his hands & never ended up in his mouth.

8. So now we have moved on to Biter Biscuits. After the first lick he paused & sat there thinking about whether or not he liked it.
9. He didn't think long though. Right back in his mouth it went.10. And if you suck on it long enough it breaks in to multiple pieces. Good job Joe. Now if we can just get you to eat solid non-messy foods.


Megan said...

Those biter bars were favored around here too. All the kiddos loved them. We, however, had to go straight to bath after eating if the kids ate them. They are just so messy and mat in the hair. Great 10!

Katie said...

Love those curls Johnnie! I think you and Kelsea would make a great couple (in twenty years of course)...heeheehee

J.J. Killins said...

what a great 10 - i've been just coming out of the olympic coma myself and getting back to checking in with friends:)