Our lives are just as busy as always so I haven't taken too many photos but my two youngest babies have allowed me to capture some of our moments. Holly has now started grabbing the spoon out of our hands at feeding times & trying to feed herself. Sometimes she is successful but most of the time she just manages to rub the yogurt all over her face. And she also has started sticking her tongue out all the time now that she is teething ALL.THE.TIME. 
And Jimmy is my one boy that is always happy. Constantly giggling, smiling & trying to have a good time. His 3 year old self tries our patience at times especially at bedtime but his darling smile can melt our anger & our hearts. I love the relationship I can see building between these two & I think we are going to see lots of laughs & a lot of trouble with these two.


Holly is still such a baby but she has started playing with her brothers more each day. Yesterday while I was getting dinner ready I went to the living room to check on my 2 littles & found them playing together. Jimmy was being such a sweetie & showing Holly how to maneuver the balls around the toy. I find moments like these so special & am always happy that I have my camera with me so I can capture them forever.



This year we had such a nice Easter. It was a warm, beautiful, clear day. The kids were happy & cooperative at picture time for the most part.
My entire family along with significant others came over for brunch, an egg hunt & an afternoon of fun with Auntie provided bubbles.
The boys loved tracking down all the eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny & Holly just had fun playing with eggs for the first time. It was the perfect Easter Sunday.


Spring Time

4 kids. Soccer. Swimming. Tee Ball. Lot of Activities. Lots of fun. Busy weekdays. Busy weekends. But sometimes I just need to give up some sleep so I can capture some of our moments forever so we won't forget. Some days the kids just want to cuddle up with daddy for cartoons.
Or play with their toys all over the house.
But most of our time is spent outside. At birthday parties. At Johnnie's ball games. Playing at the park & often times just enjoying the sun in the yard.