Pumpkin Patch Time

I always love pumpkin patch time. Our local pumpkin patch doesn't have anything special to offer. It's not big & there aren't a ton of pumpkins. But lucky for us there aren't a lot of people so our kids can run around without bothering people. This year we were able to take a short wagon ride with everyone & the kids loved it.And then while the boys ran around we took some time to  get some photos of Holly on her 14 month birthday. She loves food & playing. She now has 8 teeth (4 on top & 4 on the bottom) & can now say mama, dada, cat, wawa, dog & no. She enjoyed showing Auntie Kim the pumpkins. She loves spending time with her daddy more everyday but she still remains a mama's girl. Hope she enjoyed her trip to the patch & we know she loved the pumpkin she picked out because she wouldn't put it down. She was afraid of one thing though. The scary ghoul that sits at the pumpkin patch every year. And the ghoul makes Johnnie & daddy act a little spooky as well. My boys had fun watching the pigs & chickens in the petting area & of course they each picked out a pumpkin to take home. Johnnie always chooses a large pumpkin that he carves with daddy. So big that it has to be in the wagon. Joey pointed out the pumpkin he wanted & Jimmy was happy to goof around with his. At the end of the day my boys gathered all the pumpkins & headed to the car but of course not before  we took one family photo.


Happy 6th Birthday

It doesn't seem possible that my boy is already 6 years old. There are times when I think about him & remember this & now when I look at him I see this. My boy. He has my dark hair, my features & my sassiness (which tends to get on my nerves-sorry mom & dad). He has his daddy's stubborn streak, his temper, his creativity & his sensitive side. He is a mixture of us but so himself at the same time. He is in Kindergarten this year & he loves it so far. He excels at the school work & chats too much because he finds himself bored in class. He loves to be silly. 
He has discovered a love of sports. Football & especially baseball. He LOVES to draw & I find myself constantly trying to figure out where to hang all his creations. Johnnie is a sweetheart & even though he's more than 1/2 my size he will always be my baby boy. We hope you remember your birthday breakfast & family dinner with cake fondly but I think he will only remember the Nintendo DS he worked hard to earn. He started asking for one in March & we told him that if he started doing extra chores around the house he could start to earn money. So for 7 months he worked hard, put every dollar & coin in his piggy bank & saved up enough money to pay for 1/2. He was very proud when he handed the money over to the Target employee & told him that he saved it himself. And we were very proud that he worked so hard. We love you Johnnie! Happy 6th Birthday!


Fall Ball

It's a new season of sports in our house. Johnnie wasn't overly interested in playing soccer so we decided to introduce Joey to baseball while letting Johnnie play his 2nd season. Things have started to click for Johnnie. He has figured out how to swing the bat, throw and field the ball. We are still working on catching with the glove rather than trying to grab the ball with his hand. This season he is a Red Sox which makes his daddy very happy & therefore makes him very happy. 
For Joey's first season he is a Dodger on a U7 team which means he is playing with boys that were under the age of 7 at the start of the season. This gives him the opportunity to play with boys a lot more experienced. He loved it. Hitting, running & spending time with daddy out of the field. What he did not enjoy was the cheering for the other team at the end. Too loud! He covered his ears & then got in line to give them all high fives. We love watching Joey play. He's always been really athletic so it's nice to see his energy being used in a positive way.
Jimmy was at the game watching be every time I pointed the camera in his direction he would say no photos mama so I obliged. And Holly was at the games actually watching & clapping for her brothers. Our weekend is basically 2 practices (3 hours) on Saturdays & 2 games on Sundays so it's keeps us busy but it is so nice to see our boys enjoying a sport.