Happy 6th Birthday

It doesn't seem possible that my boy is already 6 years old. There are times when I think about him & remember this & now when I look at him I see this. My boy. He has my dark hair, my features & my sassiness (which tends to get on my nerves-sorry mom & dad). He has his daddy's stubborn streak, his temper, his creativity & his sensitive side. He is a mixture of us but so himself at the same time. He is in Kindergarten this year & he loves it so far. He excels at the school work & chats too much because he finds himself bored in class. He loves to be silly. 
He has discovered a love of sports. Football & especially baseball. He LOVES to draw & I find myself constantly trying to figure out where to hang all his creations. Johnnie is a sweetheart & even though he's more than 1/2 my size he will always be my baby boy. We hope you remember your birthday breakfast & family dinner with cake fondly but I think he will only remember the Nintendo DS he worked hard to earn. He started asking for one in March & we told him that if he started doing extra chores around the house he could start to earn money. So for 7 months he worked hard, put every dollar & coin in his piggy bank & saved up enough money to pay for 1/2. He was very proud when he handed the money over to the Target employee & told him that he saved it himself. And we were very proud that he worked so hard. We love you Johnnie! Happy 6th Birthday!

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