Pumpkin Patch Time

I always love pumpkin patch time. Our local pumpkin patch doesn't have anything special to offer. It's not big & there aren't a ton of pumpkins. But lucky for us there aren't a lot of people so our kids can run around without bothering people. This year we were able to take a short wagon ride with everyone & the kids loved it.And then while the boys ran around we took some time to  get some photos of Holly on her 14 month birthday. She loves food & playing. She now has 8 teeth (4 on top & 4 on the bottom) & can now say mama, dada, cat, wawa, dog & no. She enjoyed showing Auntie Kim the pumpkins. She loves spending time with her daddy more everyday but she still remains a mama's girl. Hope she enjoyed her trip to the patch & we know she loved the pumpkin she picked out because she wouldn't put it down. She was afraid of one thing though. The scary ghoul that sits at the pumpkin patch every year. And the ghoul makes Johnnie & daddy act a little spooky as well. My boys had fun watching the pigs & chickens in the petting area & of course they each picked out a pumpkin to take home. Johnnie always chooses a large pumpkin that he carves with daddy. So big that it has to be in the wagon. Joey pointed out the pumpkin he wanted & Jimmy was happy to goof around with his. At the end of the day my boys gathered all the pumpkins & headed to the car but of course not before  we took one family photo.

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