31 Days Away

Joey is now 1 month away from being 3 years old. He still loves sports. Especially baseball. He is still a little stinker who still hits a little too often & says NO way too often. But a very cute one. He is still all about daddy. Happiest when he is being held by daddy. And finally getting along with both his brothers most of the time. We love you big guy but wish you wouldn't grow up so quickly.


So Much To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving was yesterday. Time with friends & family, lots of laughter & way too much food. Just like we do every year at this time, we did our Christmas card photos & I was able to get this great photo with my dad & my sisters. I am constantly telling my hubby & my boys how much they mean to me but I don't tell my dad & sisters how thankful I am to have them in my life. I love you guys more than you will ever know!


10 on Tuesday

1. I love Thanksgiving. Food. Family Time. Football. Christmas Card Photo Shoot. Did I mention the food? So to get ready I'm taking tomorrow off from work so I can bake 3 pies (Sweet Potato, Apple & Chocolate Silken), prep all the side dishes & to get my house ready for friends & family to spend the holiday here.

2. This past weekend I took some pictures for a friend & brought Johnnie with me to play afterward. Johnnie & Kelsea have been friends his entire life so it's really sweet to watch them grow up together. 3. Oscar is 6 years old & still craves the attention of a kitten. 4. Joey is almost one month away from turning 2 years old. Such a unique little guy who can melt our hearts even when he's doing nothing but watching tv. 5. Rick introduced Johnnie to Wii. He is hooked & we are thankful that the tv is on the wall since he (like his mama) gets very excited & tends to move forward & swing all crazy. 6. Earlier this month on a walk I took a picture of the sky of my hometown at sunset. 7. I discovered a tv show recently that I CAN'T STOP watching. Criminal Minds. So good.

8. Johnnie (& Jimmy) enjoy cartoon episodes on Auntie Kim's cell phone & poor Johnnie is such a good brother because he constantly has to answer Jimmy's question about what they are watching.9. The first neighbor on our block put up their Christmas lights tonight & the boys were so excited. In only a few days our lights will be up & they can look forward to driving up to our home every night.

10. Jimmy loves to brush his teeth. He is always saying "Teeth. Teeth." The other night when I came home from the grocery store I found this photo on my camera. Rick said that when he went upstairs to put Jimmy to bed he found Jimmy standing on the stool brushing his teeth wearing his baseball cap backwards. What a little character!


Little. Bit. Of. Everything.

1. Jimmy LOVES Jo-Jooooo. He is constantly wanting to do everything he does. Following him around & just wanting to be near him. On this sunny afternoon they were enjoying riding bikes after swimming at the neighbor's house. 2. Playing Hide & Seek. Or should I say Joey & Luke hiding under the bin. And Johnnie seeking. 3. Joey & Auntie Kim looking very happy while chilling in the backyard.4. Joey riding his tricycle around the neighborhood. 5. Johnnie vrooming around on his friend's bike in their backyard. He is definitely ready for his own. Hopefully Santa is listening or reading.6. Joey is still such a daddy's boy at 34 months. He is always ready to give cuddles but his best ones are always saved for his dad-deeeeee. And daddy is always ready for them. 7. This is what a walk looks like for us. Johnnie leading the way. Jimmy following behind him. And usually walking back to Joey to get him to follow along at a quicker rate. Thanks to my sister joining us I was able to stay in the front with my camera. 8. And Jimmy often runs around the block happy as can be.9. And at 20 months he sometimes just melts down for NOTHING.AT.ALL.10. The boys love grandpa. I wonder if it's because he is a little bit goofy at times. Maybe that's where they get their craziness. I don't care what it is. I'm just happy to see all the love they have for him.


Gramma. Los Angeles Zoo.

Rick's mom (Gramma) came for a visit this last week & the boys had a great time entertaining her. We of course had to take her to the zoo. And the boys always enjoy their popcorn. It's always such a great day there because with each visit our boys become interested in more than just the gorillas. But they always spend most of the day watching their friends. But this last time they noticed the Ibex, the Flamingos, the Rhinoceros, the Giraffes & the Meerkats (these are located right at the entrance & these 3 are always sitting atop this rock & remind me of my boys for some reason). As we were following the detour out of the zoo we came across this fun little park & ended up detoured ourselves for almost an hour. Lots of time for climbing on animal statues, pretending to be Spiderman, pictures with gramma & hiding from mama's camera (which only Jimmy succeeded at.) It was a wonderful day & a great start to our week with with gramma.