Last Photos from Joey's 2nd Year Photo Shoot

Our Joey makes some of the cutest faces I have ever seen. He is just such a character. He likes to roll around all the while smirking, play, laugh & is generally just such a sweet boy!

Birthday Recap

Joey turned 2 years old today. He speakes in sentences that we mostly understand. He is such a little character. Makes the best faces. Loves to read, run around doing whatever his older brother is doing, tries to play very sweetly with his baby brother, LOVES his daddy. He now jumps out of his crib every naptime & every night. He knows way too many words to count. He loves to tell us NO, give us hugs, enjoys cuddling & is overall just such a wonderful boy. Even if he is definitely going through the terrible 2s already.

He spent the entire morning ALONE with his mommy
daddy grandpaAuntie Kim& Auntie Kayci. We took him to breakfast at the Omelette & Waffle shop where he ate nothing. Instead we picked him up pancakes from McDonalds's on the way home & he was happy. Then he ate a cupcake after his birthday song & candles. The gifts he opened this morning were a hit. A puzzle & a soccer net. But as you can see he was a little confused with what you should do with the net. But once we untangled him he quickly figured out how to kick the ball in to the net. After reading himself some books he took a nap & waited for his brothers to come home to share a cupcake & open their gifts.


It's New Year's Eve again which in this house means it's Joey's birthday. I took a ton of photos but for now wanted to share a Birthday Wish for our 2 year old big boy. Here he is at 12:41pm. 2 years after his birth. He should be napping but instead he is in his crib surrounded by his train books, his blanket (BAY) & his little monkey backpack.
We Love You So Much Jojo! Hope you had a wonderful day.


Santa's Visit

The boys were all decked out in their new Christmas jammies. And after setting the Christmas cookies out near the fireplace they were off to bed to await Santa's visit. They all came down the stairs together & turned the corner to see presents under the tree. "Mama, Santa came." That's right Johnnie! Santa came & left you & your brothers presents because you were such good boys. Johnnie was so excited to open the presents. I can't tell you the excitement he felt when he opened his Spiderman car. That's what he's all about this year. Superheroes. Joey opened one gift before he was ready to move on watching a movie. But we kept trying to coax him & eventually he opened this monkey harness that he loved. I bet he won't like it as much once the handle is attached so we can keep him from running away from us. And then once all the gifts were open all the boys showed off thier stuff to grandpa & their aunties who of course were there. Then they played with some of the gifts togeteher. Then we had a nice family breakfast. Of course some of them had to change clothes before they moved on to play with more gifts & take notice that the monkey is back on Joey's back. A new ball popper for Jimmy. (Our old one died after a lot of use.) And a Batman car for Johnnie.A new walker for Jimmy that he was thrilled with. A new Batman trike for the boys. And finally a photo with Johnnie wearing his Santa hat. (And socks on his hands). And an old photo of Johnnie at 3 months old wearing that same hat.


That Photo

Since all of our Christmas cards have been mailed out I wanted to share a few photos to show you what it was like trying to get a photo. Right when we went outside the boys ran away from me. So Rick grabbed them & put them in his lap. But they quickly escaped. So we tried the old totem pole shot. I got one with the boys & then I jumped in. I wanted Jimmy's face to be showing & for Joey to not look so frightened so we tried again. Rick took the aggressive approach & just picked them up. Then we both just grabbed a kid (or two) & smiled. We loved it so much I'm blowing it up for our living room. You never know when we will get one again. Maybe next Christmas.


What Are You Doing Tonight?

We're playing Wii for the 1st time. Santa left this awesome gift under the tree along with the Wii Fit but tonight we started off by trying our hand at bowling. Some of the things to notice. Rick's slippers. The boys gave him these house slippers to wear but they are only comfortable with socks so they look R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S. My outfit is no better. It's freezing in our house but we don't turn the heat up until bedtime because it gets too hot in the boys' room. Our cat Oscar chilling out on Auntie Kim's snuggie the boys gave her. The fact that instead of putting our house back together after Christmas we are enjoying our rare alone time laughing A LOT. Happy Sunday!


10 Month Christmas Baby

On his very 1st Christmas Jimmy is now a whopping 10 months old. Usually very happy. 2 bottom teeth. 2 1/2 top teeth. Yells at you when he's hungry or when you take something from him. Constantly chasing after his brothers. Standing up on his own without holding on to anything for long periods of time. Taking one step at a time but no more. Still eating mostly pureed food but now eating puffs, chicken, bagels, pizza & eggs. Refusing to eat fruits or veggies unless they are pureed. Sounds familiar in this house. Getting up to nurse at least once every night. Also very familiar. Almost 20 pounds. No matter what his brothers do it makes him laugh as long as they are including him. His personality is becoming quite apparent. Feisty & Giggly are the 2 words I would use to describe him most. And above all loved by everyone who meets him but especially us.


Twas the The Night Before Christmas

& all through the house cookies were baking but guess who made them? That's right for the 1st time ever Johnnie made Christmas cookies. He put on the apron, rolled out the dough & then let me show him how to use the cookie cutters. It wasn't long before he was pushing me aside & doing it on his own all the while being watched by Joey. And after lots of begging (by me) Joey decided to try & make one. After the one cookie he decided he would rather run around begging to eat a cookie instead of making them. And Jimmy was watching & initially patiently waiting to be fed until that 1st batch of cookies was in the oven. But as you can see he was completely frustrated with the waiting. One last sprinkle & the cookies were in the oven. Johnnie anxiously waited by the oven for them to be ready. It was so sweet to watch how happy he was to make cookies. And a few batches later we were done & had the cookies we planned to leave for Santa.