Birthday Recap

Joey turned 2 years old today. He speakes in sentences that we mostly understand. He is such a little character. Makes the best faces. Loves to read, run around doing whatever his older brother is doing, tries to play very sweetly with his baby brother, LOVES his daddy. He now jumps out of his crib every naptime & every night. He knows way too many words to count. He loves to tell us NO, give us hugs, enjoys cuddling & is overall just such a wonderful boy. Even if he is definitely going through the terrible 2s already.

He spent the entire morning ALONE with his mommy
daddy grandpaAuntie Kim& Auntie Kayci. We took him to breakfast at the Omelette & Waffle shop where he ate nothing. Instead we picked him up pancakes from McDonalds's on the way home & he was happy. Then he ate a cupcake after his birthday song & candles. The gifts he opened this morning were a hit. A puzzle & a soccer net. But as you can see he was a little confused with what you should do with the net. But once we untangled him he quickly figured out how to kick the ball in to the net. After reading himself some books he took a nap & waited for his brothers to come home to share a cupcake & open their gifts.


Katie said...

Happy Birthday Joey! Looks like you had a very special day!

Jackie Kelly said...

Looks like Joey had a very wonderful second birthday. Glad to see the soccer set has multiple uses! What a cutie-pie.

J.J. Killins said...

OMG TWO?!? happy two big boy!