I turned 39 today. It wasn't a milestone birthday but every year is something to be celebrated, right? It was a normal day like all other weekdays in our home...work/school, a baseball game & dinner. The only different event was my birthday cake made by my loving husband &  decorated by my children. Of course there were presents & the birthday song & my favorite part...the hugs. Here's hoping I become another year wiser & enjoy the last year in my 30s.


Our Happy Girl

Holly is a very happy baby girl.She is full of personality. She loves to eat cinnamon toast for breakfast, absolutely adores bath time & splashing in the water, she loves to play peek a boo, she likes to pick out her own clothes (which is why she is wearing this Steelers jersey), she has discovered the passion for having her fingernails painted & she loves sugar, especially chocolate ice cream. She fits into our home so perfectly because her brothers are also full of personality so Holly Moon has no problem keeping up.


20 months old

Holly is 20 months old now. She is hilarious. Makes us laugh all the time. She has a wonderful giggle. She gets along so well with her brothers as long as they aren't taking away her food or her toys. And it looks like the battle for her future college choice has already begun. Her daddy got his MBA from USC & dear friends of ours gave her this outfit. She sure does seem happy, but her auntie Kimberly wants her to be a devil. A sundevil. She is 17 years away from choosing a college but we'll proud of her no matter where she goes.


An Evening to Remember

Today we celebrated a close friend getting married. Selena is a long time friend of Kayci who I have known since she was a little girl. It's a little strange to watch her grow up from a child into a woman who has become a very close friend & it felt so nice to watch her marry the man of her dreams. It was such a fun night & both my sisters were there too which made it even more special. Kayci was in the wedding. We had a great evening & wish them a lifetime of happiness. Congrats Selena & Matt!