Happy New Year aka Joey's Birthday

In our house the turn of the new year is always a special occasion because we celebrate the birthday of our 2nd child. Jojo, Joseph & Joeeeeeeeeey (his new reference to himself). He is even more stubborn, more playful & feistier than ever. It's hard to believe that so much personality can be packed into such a small package but if you have ever spent even just a few minutes with our boy then you know he's hard to forget. Just the faces I captured in a matter of 30 seconds shows how full of life he is. He is still all about daddy. Can't get enough of his trucks. Inside the house or outside. Adores chocolate. Loves playfully hitting. Can't say the word NO enough. And overall is just such a joy when he's not being naughty that is. We love you Joe & can't wait to see what changes your 4th year will bring.


4 Month Baby

Holly actually turned 4 months old almost 2 weeks ago & I didn't want the holidays to get too far away before I gave a quick update on our baby girl. She is now 12 pounds 14 ounces (35%) & 24 1/4 inches tall (50%). She started daycare this month & took about a week to get used to her bottles but is now drinking them like a champ. She celebrated her 1st Thanksgiving, her 1st holiday party & rolled over from her back to her belly for the 1st time. She laughs out loud when her neck is tickled, sleeps 10-11 hours with one feeding & she is always trying to sit up. Holly is such a calm baby & has adjusted to her new daily routine without a hitch. I had so much fun taking her photo this month. What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a Christmas baby.


Merry Christmas

from our family to yours! Now that all our Christmas cards have been sent out I wanted to share some of the photos on the blog. We were so happy with our family photo because it's never easy to get the boys to look at the camera & now we have a baby to worry about as well.
We decided to let the boys be themselves wearing superhero shirts even though we wanted to let Holly stand out as our only little girl.
She already has a hold of daddy's heartstrings & this is my favorite photo with her.
Christmas is a whirlwind of crazy chaos in our house but we love it. I will be back to share more photos later. We hope you had a wonderful day spent with family & friends.


The Stockings Were Hung

by the chimney with care. The entire family was decked out in new Paul Frank jammies. The cookie was ready for Santa's visit. And the tree was surrounded by gifts just waiting for the pitter patter of little feet in the early hours of the morning. I hope your family is as blessed as ours this Christmas Eve.