Santa's Visit

The boys were all decked out in their new Christmas jammies. And after setting the Christmas cookies out near the fireplace they were off to bed to await Santa's visit. They all came down the stairs together & turned the corner to see presents under the tree. "Mama, Santa came." That's right Johnnie! Santa came & left you & your brothers presents because you were such good boys. Johnnie was so excited to open the presents. I can't tell you the excitement he felt when he opened his Spiderman car. That's what he's all about this year. Superheroes. Joey opened one gift before he was ready to move on watching a movie. But we kept trying to coax him & eventually he opened this monkey harness that he loved. I bet he won't like it as much once the handle is attached so we can keep him from running away from us. And then once all the gifts were open all the boys showed off thier stuff to grandpa & their aunties who of course were there. Then they played with some of the gifts togeteher. Then we had a nice family breakfast. Of course some of them had to change clothes before they moved on to play with more gifts & take notice that the monkey is back on Joey's back. A new ball popper for Jimmy. (Our old one died after a lot of use.) And a Batman car for Johnnie.A new walker for Jimmy that he was thrilled with. A new Batman trike for the boys. And finally a photo with Johnnie wearing his Santa hat. (And socks on his hands). And an old photo of Johnnie at 3 months old wearing that same hat.

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Sara said...

Love Jimmy's 2 little teeth in his smile. Looks like it was a great Christmas.