10 Month Christmas Baby

On his very 1st Christmas Jimmy is now a whopping 10 months old. Usually very happy. 2 bottom teeth. 2 1/2 top teeth. Yells at you when he's hungry or when you take something from him. Constantly chasing after his brothers. Standing up on his own without holding on to anything for long periods of time. Taking one step at a time but no more. Still eating mostly pureed food but now eating puffs, chicken, bagels, pizza & eggs. Refusing to eat fruits or veggies unless they are pureed. Sounds familiar in this house. Getting up to nurse at least once every night. Also very familiar. Almost 20 pounds. No matter what his brothers do it makes him laugh as long as they are including him. His personality is becoming quite apparent. Feisty & Giggly are the 2 words I would use to describe him most. And above all loved by everyone who meets him but especially us.

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Katie said...

Happy 10 months Jimmy!

Love the fang teeth. Lorelei is getting those exact two teeth in also (halfway down).

We miss you!