Twas the The Night Before Christmas

& all through the house cookies were baking but guess who made them? That's right for the 1st time ever Johnnie made Christmas cookies. He put on the apron, rolled out the dough & then let me show him how to use the cookie cutters. It wasn't long before he was pushing me aside & doing it on his own all the while being watched by Joey. And after lots of begging (by me) Joey decided to try & make one. After the one cookie he decided he would rather run around begging to eat a cookie instead of making them. And Jimmy was watching & initially patiently waiting to be fed until that 1st batch of cookies was in the oven. But as you can see he was completely frustrated with the waiting. One last sprinkle & the cookies were in the oven. Johnnie anxiously waited by the oven for them to be ready. It was so sweet to watch how happy he was to make cookies. And a few batches later we were done & had the cookies we planned to leave for Santa.


Jackie Kelly said...

Aw-w-w-w, how cute! Love the photo of Johnnie pearing into the oven waiting to see his masterpiece cookies finish baking. He comes from a long line of enthusiastic bakers on our side and looks like also on your side Cathy. Found myself smiling as I read about your cooky baking session with the boys. Brought back lots of memories of doing the same with Rick and Krys. That's what Christmas is all about. Can't wait to see the rest of the Santa Day photos...Love to all

Megan said...

That is too cute. They look so yummy!