Ready for Christmas

Christmas is 6 days away now. All the gifts have been purchased, mailed & almost all wrapped. The tree is up & decorated. The company Christmas party came & went with lots of fun & a nice evening out for us. All the cards have been mailed & lots have arrived already. Seeing how our friends have changed over the last year is one of my favorite parts of the holiday.And of course seeing the boys' faces each time they hear a Santa song, see a Christmas movie or mention that they need to talk to Santa again because Johnnie has decided he wants something else instead makes me smile. So far they have opened one gift. We let them choose one gift from friends & they chose the gift from the Killins'. Cute little baseball caps that they proceeded to wear the entire evening. Jimmy even got to wear his in his 42nd week photo. And he was actually really happy about it. Now I better get back to my wrapping so I can officially be done. Then I can just wait to see what surprises Santa might have for the children.

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J.J. Killins said...

omg i just caught up on all the fun holiday bolander stuff, i love it! espeically your wii outfits:) you guys are totally dressed for our house in minnesota! we have the heat ON and it's 63 downstairs. then we turn it DOWN to 62 at night. ha!

it looks like christmas was magical at your house, friends. we miss you - wish we could come hang out and eat some of those strawberries:)