Ten on Tuesday

1. We are 8 days in to December. Only 17 until Christmas. I can't believe it. Going way too fast. To start it off right we put up the Advent Calendar for the 1st time. 2. Daddy had to help Johnnie get the treat out because you didn't quite understand what the Calendar was for. 3. Then you reached in & pulled out the two pieces of chocolate. One for you & one for Joey.4. I wanted to get a picture of Johnnie with his chocolate but instead he let me take a picture of his chocolate. 5. And our little chocoholic was too busy eating his to smile. He wakes up asking for chocolate & it's the last thing he asks for at night.6. Johnnie now understands after many discussions that Santa will visit our home when we have gotten down to the 25th day on the calendar. So each night when we say, "Okay which day are we on?", he goes directly to day 25 which has a photo of Santa Claus on it. I think he feels that this means he can unwrap Santa's gifts. Smart boy but that doesn't mean he can have what he wants yet.

7. On another night the calendar let Johnnie have ice cream for dinner. Hey take it up with the calendar. I don't control it...it controls me.
8. Don't worry grandparents. Every night isn't just about chocolate & ice cream. Some nights have included going to get a Christmas tree, opening a bell ornament that now hangs on our front door to let everyone know when someone has arrived. Other nights will also include a new Christmas book, a family walk to get hot chocolate, a drive to look at Christmas lights, decorating the tree, a Christmas movie, a trip to a bookstore, donating money to the Salvation Army, etc. Thanks to all my friends who helped provide ideas for our dear calendar. Next year I'm going to plan all year long so when December rolls around I'm ready.

9. Jimmy is sick today. He is napping right now. A cough, runny nose & basically an unhappy boy. So his weekly photo is going to be taken later this week when he's happier. For now here is his 40 week photo from last week. He is usually walking around the train table but because I had my camera out he sat down.
Of course. 10. And his latest trick along with sucking his lower lip is blowing bubbles with his tongue. Such cute things our little guy does. Seriously... it is cute. Especially because it forces him to make these funny faces that make me giggle.


Megan said...

Ice cream in California for supper sounds devine! It's way too cold here. I hope the little man feels better soon.

Jackie Kelly said...

Yes, ice cream for dinner sounds great to me (and Joe!) anytime, anywhere, even though it's only 36 here in chilly CT. Always loved those advent calendars but your system is better than candy every day. Great ideas. That must keep mom and dad busy! Lots of get-well kisses to little Jimmy. Love the bubbles! Love to all...