Gramma. Los Angeles Zoo.

Rick's mom (Gramma) came for a visit this last week & the boys had a great time entertaining her. We of course had to take her to the zoo. And the boys always enjoy their popcorn. It's always such a great day there because with each visit our boys become interested in more than just the gorillas. But they always spend most of the day watching their friends. But this last time they noticed the Ibex, the Flamingos, the Rhinoceros, the Giraffes & the Meerkats (these are located right at the entrance & these 3 are always sitting atop this rock & remind me of my boys for some reason). As we were following the detour out of the zoo we came across this fun little park & ended up detoured ourselves for almost an hour. Lots of time for climbing on animal statues, pretending to be Spiderman, pictures with gramma & hiding from mama's camera (which only Jimmy succeeded at.) It was a wonderful day & a great start to our week with with gramma.


Katie said...

What a fun day! Looks like Ricks Mom had a great trip!

Jackie Kelly said...

Yes, Katie, I did! It was a wonderful trip and it shows in all the great pix how much I enjoyed visiting with our West Coast family. The boys are all such cuties (it's ok for a gramma to brag, right?). I love seeing their pix here on your blog, Cathy, but it's so much better to be able to give them big Gramma hugs in person. Will bring Grampa next time too. Love the Halloween shots!

Megan said...

I love that zoo. We were there one time that the temperature registered 113! Our feet felt like they were actually sticking to the pavement.