Fall Ball

It's a new season of sports in our house. Johnnie wasn't overly interested in playing soccer so we decided to introduce Joey to baseball while letting Johnnie play his 2nd season. Things have started to click for Johnnie. He has figured out how to swing the bat, throw and field the ball. We are still working on catching with the glove rather than trying to grab the ball with his hand. This season he is a Red Sox which makes his daddy very happy & therefore makes him very happy. 
For Joey's first season he is a Dodger on a U7 team which means he is playing with boys that were under the age of 7 at the start of the season. This gives him the opportunity to play with boys a lot more experienced. He loved it. Hitting, running & spending time with daddy out of the field. What he did not enjoy was the cheering for the other team at the end. Too loud! He covered his ears & then got in line to give them all high fives. We love watching Joey play. He's always been really athletic so it's nice to see his energy being used in a positive way.
Jimmy was at the game watching be every time I pointed the camera in his direction he would say no photos mama so I obliged. And Holly was at the games actually watching & clapping for her brothers. Our weekend is basically 2 practices (3 hours) on Saturdays & 2 games on Sundays so it's keeps us busy but it is so nice to see our boys enjoying a sport.

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Jackie Kelly said...

Johnnie and Joey look so happy in their new uniforms -- very professional I must say! And Holly so cute, getting so big. And Jimmy was playing hard to get, eh? Glad to see you're all enjoying yourselves.
Love to you all!