For the amount I have been blogging or rather not blogging you would think there has been nothing going on in our home. But instead it's the exact opposite. We have been so busy that I have not taken many photos. We now have Johnnie in Kindergarten, Joey in a new preschool (Der Kinder Garden) & Jimmy & Holly at the CDC. So we have 3 stops a day, 2 kids with homework, my training for my 1st 1/2 marathon & an ever changing baby girl. Fall Baseball season begins this weekend so our lives will get even busier. So tonight I just wanted to share a few photos that were taken this past weekend. Johnnie may still be tiny but he's all grown up now. Such a big boy full of big ideas. Usually very sweet but a lot of days he will push us to our limits to find out how much he can get away with.  
Joey still remains our tough but loving guy. After 2 months at his first preschool we had to move him to a new school. Joey didn't listen well enough to please his teachers & quite frankly they didn't have the right attitude to deal with his strong personality. Overall it was not a good fit for anyone so we are trying a new school. And even though we would love for Joey to be the kid who just listens we can't stand the thought of his little spirit being broken by a school that is just too structured for a 4 year old. 
Jimmy our sweet kiddo is finally smiling more. We have been trying NAET to treat his ezcema & it seems to be working. It feels so nice to see him happy again & not constantly complaining that he is itchy.  And Holly is still our little cutie. She has been wearing her new football jerseys & watching games with us. She yells when we yell, claps when we clap & just runs around the house being very happy & playful. And she still loves her brothers & as you can see Johnnie love her.

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