Friday Fun

Our evenings are usually just dinner, baths, books, the occasional daddy jungle gym play (notice that even Batty participates), nursing & bedtime. This afternoon we got home early enough for me to spend some time taking photos of Joey while Rick entertained Johnnie. First I took photos of Joey crawling toward toys wearing the hat Johnnie made in school today. He's very determined & will usually work to get what he wants & boy is he happy when he gets it. That's pure joy on his face. Then I took him outside to get some fresh air & of course some more photos. I put him down in the grass but as you can see from the look on his face he didn't like the feel of it much. So I put him on a blanket & playtime resumed again. Now if I could just get home early enough everyday for the extra play time to happen...wishful thinking for now. And today is a very special day. My grandma's 88th Birthday. Hope you had a nice day. Here is a photo of her with Johnnie when he was 8 months old.

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Megan said...

Happy birthday to your gramma. Looks like after supper, the jungle gym is so much fun!