What I Can Manage

Who knew it would be so difficult to keep up with a blog when completely obsessed with everything going on in the Olympics. As much as I enjoy them, I need them to hurry up & end because I'm tired & I'm ready to get back to a normal life that doesn't include staying up till all hours of the night watching the games & then spending the whole next day trying to avoid hearing who the winners are since I'm not always caught up. Oh well. Every 4 years, right?

Lately Johnnie has been very toddler like. He ignores you if he's watching a show or movie.
If you stand in front of him, he leans around you to keep watching & says...MOOOVE! He now loves everything that used to be his that is now Joey's, including the exersaucer. It's funny to me that his little legs used to sit straight down .And he also feels that he should be involved in Joey's feedings. On this particular day I was feeding Joey oatmeal & Johnnie came right over & sat in front of him to get some bites too.I just hope that one day he will want to be this close to his brother just to play.

And for a bonus. Joey's 33 week photo.

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