10 on Tuesday- Labor Day Weekend

1. Joey is 8 Months Old now. 17 pounds 2 ounces. Steadily gaining weight & getting bigger. Babbling. Crawling Everywhere. Following Johnnie around the house. Very happy. Cries only when he's hungry or very tired. Sleeping 11-13 hours every night with one feeding between 3:30-5am. Constantly chasing the kitties & always making us smile! Auntie Kimberly & I took him to Redondo Beach to capture his photo. He enjoyed crawling through the sand in the shade until he got to the sunny part & then he stopped because it was too hot.2. Dumping sand on mama's shoes. 3. Everyday during school, Johnnie does arts & crafts. This consists of coloring, pasting stuff on paper & making outfits. Here is the outfit they made last week. A little poncho & hat.4. He even made a hat for Joey.5. Johnnie has finally started eating whole pieces of fruit like grapes & strawberries. No more cutting it up in to tiny little pieces. He sometimes forgets to chew but at least he's trying to eat like a big kid instead of a baby.

6. The boys are trying to play together these days. Mostly Johnnie just plays while Joey giggles & watches. Notice that Batty is right in the thick of things AGAIN. 7. Joey is constantly pulling himself up to a standing position. The couch, his exersaucer, the entertainment center & sometimes push toys. This weekend he pulled himself up on this toy & then looked at us like he wanted help so we put him on it. Look how excited he is. 8. As much as Johnnie loves his brother we still have to watch him constantly with Joey because he gets jealous when "his toys" are being played with. He won't try to hurt him but he will pull the toys away sometimes causing Joey to fall over.

9. Here's that toy that Joey was on & of course Johnnie decided to come over & squeeze on & control it. Joey doesn't seem to mind though.10. But it's obvious that Johnnie loves Joey. Joey better be careful. He may fall in to the splits if he's not careful. When Joey climbed up, Johnnie hugged him & said "I love you Jojo". Hope your Labor Day weekend was full of fun & sun.


Megan said...

It's so fun to read about the boys. They are both getting so big!

Katie said...

So sweet!

Love the new banner! (-:

Sara said...

What a great post. Love all the pics.

Sara said...

By the way, I almost peed my pants with the poncho. Love it