10 on Tuesday

1. 17 days from now baby Johnnie will be 2 years old. TWO! Can you believe it? I can't. And as the day approaches I find myself thinking about being pregnant with Johnnie.

2. 8 Months pregnant. 3. He changed so much that first year & one of the moments that stands out most is when he learned to walk. Before he was even 10 months old he was taking his 1st steps. Then before he was 11 months old he was trying to run but just succeeded in looking like a walking Frankenstein.

4.5. I have decided that dinners on Sunday will be stir-fry from now on. I used to try & make big elaborate dinners but have now decided that I'm just too tired after a day of menu planning for the week, grocery shopping, making Joey's baby food for the week & planning lunch for a very picky almost 2 year old.

6. Sunday morning we made oatmeal for the boys. Now that we are trying to feed Joey more solid food, we are able to let the boys share food.

7. 8. Now it's Johnnie's turn.9. Last night Joey tried & loved shepherd's pie for the first time. What's not to love I guess? Mashed potatoes, carrots, beef & peas (I can do without peas but at least he loves them).

10. A Joey lesson learned for the week. Last night Joey woke up crying around 2 hours after he went to sleep. I decided to give a little tough love & to let him cry it out. After a few minutes he went back to sleep. Then 1 hour later he woke up crying again & I decided that he should cry it out again, but a few minutes after crying it woke up Johnnie so Rick & I went to separate rooms to calm the boys down. Well I tried to nurse Joey because this ALWAYS makes him happy but he was inconsolable. Turns out he was teething & needed Motrin & teething tablets to nurse himself back to sleep. Oh well. From now on I will just go make sure he's okay. It may mean more middle of the night wake ups but at least he won't be in pain anymore. Poor baby!

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Shelly Z. said...

They look so cute sitting side-by-bide eating oatmeal!!

Do you really plan all your meals for the week and make Joey's baby food? You are super mom.