When Did This Happen

Just last month Jimmy was using his expressions to show us how & what he was feeling. He would yell & laugh when he was happy. He would lay flat on his back & cry when he didn't get his own way & now all of a sudden at 16 months he is using words when he can & finding other ways to let us know what he wants. Recently he was playing with a bubble machine & then suddenly he realized that the bubbles in his face hurt. Before he would have just yelled but on this oocasion he walked toward me saying "OW." A step forward. He says "Mine. Mine. Mine." over & over until he gets you to realize what he wants. He can say grandpa which makes my dad very happy. He used to just play alone but now loves to play with his brothers. With legos, cars, toys in the backyard & just about anything they are willing to let him participate in. And as you can see in the new blog header the boys just love to laugh together, that is of course when they aren't wrestling & fighting over the same toys. I can't wait to see what the 3 of them get in to as they get older together (very slowly!)


Jackie Kelly said...

What a great new banner photo. Shows up very clearly their three different hair colors. Love it!

Megan said...

So cute. I love the new look on the blog and the new banner.

Jennifer said...

Your baby is growing up! Time for a sister...BTW, love the new banner and format.