It's Been Awhile

since I had the time to blog but I wanted to share some of our recent activities. Our 3 boys are really starting to play together. On this particular afternoon it was the Batman cave & superheroes. Rick & I were commenting that our boys have been really healthy lately. We have only had one afternoon where Johnnie had to come home with a fever. He just spent the afternoon coloring in his jammies & laying around watching tv. We have had some really nice weather here every weekend. If you know anything about the Bolander boys you know they enjoy taking off their clothes. Mostly to run around the backyard playing with the water table. And with grandpa & aunties visiting there are often milkshakes in the afternoon & Jimmy LOVES them. Here he is finishing off his after he already finished off his brothers. And of course he's not dressed. And all that playing in the sun takes a lot out of you. Just check out our boy who kept saying he didn't want to go to bed. And with all this nice weather Rick has been doing some projects around the yard. And he's been teaching the boys how to use a saw. Hopefully they are paying attention because they sure do have some big gloves to fill. And while they were hard at work Jimmy was playing his favorite game. Peek A Boo. I would say " Where is Jimmy?" He would hide. And then I would say "There he is." And he would make this face.


Megan said...

I love that bum shot of Jimmy finishing the milkshakes. So cute!

J.J. Killins said...

love the bum shot, too! and the big gloves to fill - awesome!

Sara said...

The gloves picture is wonderful!