Ten on Thursday

1. I have always wanted to run a marathon but as the years have gone on & one surgery later I have decided that is not a goal I'm ever going to accomplish. So instead I have decided I want to train for & run a 1/2 marathon. I have signed up for the Long Beach Marathon in October which gives me plenty of time to train. My goal for myself is to just finish without worrying about the time. If I enjoy it I will train for a faster time next time.

2. This big boy turned 44 months old last week. Only 4 months away from 4. It's hard to believe but it shouldn't be. He speaks in clear full sentences all the time. And still acts shy.3. He gives lots of love to his brothers.4. He loves to play outside. Basketball w/daddy. Water guns w/his brothers. And just running around like a mad man.5. Jimmy is enjoying books with his daddy. Books w/everyone. Books. Books. Books.6. Over Memorial Day weekend at a BBQ he fell down some stairs & got his first shiner. The first of many I'm sure.7. Joey at 29 months so wants to potty train. He has now told us twice when he had to go & actually sat on the toilet & went. But most of the time he just pees himself & tells us when he's done. So I think he's not ready to potty train so much as he's ready to be done with diapers.

8. Joey can still still cry with the best of them. Puts everything into it. Mouth wide open. Tears. Screaming. The whole works.9. He can't stand to sit still. Stands up on the furniture & dives forward. Runs into you at full speed often hurting us & himself & is a little too playful at times. That's why he often comes home from school with scratches, cuts & most recently this fat lip.10. Grandpa comes over most of the weekend. He comes to hang out with the boys but usually gets put to work. Not hard work but tiring & hot. But the boys love it. And I'm pretty sure he does too.


J.J. Killins said...

wow, good luck!!!! i'm so excited for you - i would love to run a half, too, just don't know how i could possibly train for it.

Katie said...

And I'm with J.J. I think Wallis, my brother and I are going to run the 10K together. We'll cheer you on once we're finished (hopefully we finish before you do-LOL)!