Happy Birthday Kim

This blog usually only features the kids but today it's about some adult fun. For Kim's birthday this year she wanted to celebrate at the Pirate's Dinner Adventure in Buena Park. I admittedly thought it was an odd choice but if that's what the birthday girl wants that's what she gets. Our birthday girl & everyone who came was decked out in Pirate gear  made by Kim's great friend Lindsey.
 It's a dinner show that is ridiculously fun. Lots of yelling, hoorahing, laughing, eating & drinking. Even all the guys that were there got into it.
I hope Kimberly enjoyed her night because I sure did & after the show the Cadou sisters decided they needed a photo with our section's pirate. Only after the picture was taken & I was looking through the photos did I notice we all decided we should yell for the photo. We are sisters who are pretty similar, right? Happy Birthday little sis!

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