Happy Birthday Daddy

Turning 40 is a HUGE milestone. Something to be celebrated. But with our busy lives, some unforeseen house repairs, surprise guests & the holidays having just passed Rick's birthday was celebrated in quiet fashion. As soon as Rick came home from work I told him we should have cake first so the kids didn't get too tired. On cue Rick's mom & stepdad came walking around the corner carrying the cake & singing happy birthday. They flew here from back East that afternoon to surprise Rick on his big day. So there was no big party, no group of friends & not too many gifts but there was a homemade cake, a hug from mom & lots of happy children ready to give hugs to their most favorite man in the world. I think that's a lovely way to spend your birthday. I love you babe!

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Jackie Kelly said...

Great pix -- look at all those smiles. Couldn't have had a better time! Miss you all...big hugs to all the kidlets.